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Dual GPUs and screenless media players tip up

CeBIT 007 Cute little boxes
Sun Mar 18 2007, 08:25
GECUBE HAD ONE part we was more or less expecting it to and another class of toys that we weren't. The first - GPUs, the other a line of portable media players.


The GPU is the dual X1650 board, shown for a while in the form prototypes and mockups. This time it is a fully working thing, with internal Crossfire and two times 256M of memory with RV560 GPUs.

If this doesn't sound like a killer gaming card, you are right, it isn't. What the card excels at is many monitors in one slot, four in this case. It comes with the cabling to do four DVI ports in one slot, quite nice for multi-monitor rigs.

GeCube says this will scale to four-way Crossfire and possibly beyond. Other people say the drivers are not quite fully baked yet, so it try it at your own risk. Four cards and 16 monitors should be easily done though.

Next up it had an X1950XTX overclocked to 675MHz from a base of 575MHz with the aid of a Peltier (TEC) cooler and twin fans. The neat thing about this is not the overclocking but the fact that it comes in AGP as well as PCIe flavors. If you have an older mobo, you insane spec card is here.

Last up, we have the class of devices we were not expecting from GeCube, portable media players. There are two, 2.5 really, but they all have one neat feature -no storage, and one doesn't even have a screen.

The first one, the DVRBox, is an portable DVR, it records MPEG4 at up to 720*480*30 rez, and will play it back on any TV. It has composite and S-Video ins and outs, and has no screen. It also has no storage capacity, that part is up to you. You buy whatever size 2.5 inch HD you want, from 10-160GB, and put it in. The DRVBox will sell for about $139.


That brings us to the last one, or last 1.5, it is one device that comes in two cosmetic flavours, neither with a HD. They both appear to be called the PMP200, have a bright 4.3-inch screen, take any 2.5 inch HD you want to put in, and play the usual list of file formats.

The difference between them is one has a slick silvery finish and backlit flush controls while the other had the ordinary clunky buttons. The flush one will sell for about $180 sans HD, but no word on the other, it is presumably cheaper.

Overall, GeCube has some interesting things. In a show that has few introductions worth talking about, this one seems to be worth talking about, it managed to show several. µ


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