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Intel prices up its LGA 775 Prescott chips

Desktop Roadmaps Celeron D, 915, 925 prices revealed
Wed May 12 2004, 17:00
CHIP FIRM INTEL is hoping to boost sales of its up and coming Grantsdale chipset by dropping the price of its LGA775 based 2.8GHz Prescott just a few weeks after its introduction on the 21st of June.

And it is moving aggressively to phase out the 478 pin versions of Northwood and Prescott by following this up with a price cut on the 22nd of August, which will see what were flagship products become consigned to chip history.

Chip 20 June 18 July 22 August Launch 570
570/3.8GHz $637 §
560/3.6GHz $637 § $417 §
550/3.4GHz $417 § $278 §
540/3.2GHz $278 § $218 §
530/3GHz $219 § $178 §
520/2.8GHz $178 § $163 §
3.4E/1MB $278 ¶
3.4/512K $278
3.2E/1MB $218
3.2/512K $218
3.0E/1MB $218
3/512K $178 ¶
3.06/512K $178 ¶

§ denotes LGA 775 socket, ¶ the 478 pin socket.

As well as pricing up its desktop processors, Intel has also shown its partners prices for the Celeron D chips which again will hit the streets on the 20th of June. The 2.8GHz (335), 533MHz system bus, 256K cache unit will cost $117, the 2.66GHz (330) will cost $90, and the 2.53GHz (325) will cost $80.

There's some changes on the chipset front too. Effectively, the introduction of the 925 and 915 chipsets will mean Intel wants its customers to wave goodbye to last year's 865 and 875 chips. At introduction, Intel will charge $50 for the 925X, $41 for the 915G and $37 for the 915P.

There's some venomous little adders that boost prices. If you add the wireless capabilities, people making motherboards will have to pay between $3 and $7, depending on whether a wireless receiver or an AP is being built into the board. µ

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