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GT200 scores revealed

Ok, but not good enough
Thu Jun 12 2008, 11:26

THANKS TO NVIDIA'S shutting us out, we are not handcuffed about the GT200 numbers, so here they are. Prepare to be underwhelmed, Nvidia botched this one badly.

Since you probably care only about the numbers, lets start out with them. All 3DMark scores are rounded to the nearest 250, frame rates to the nearest .25FPS. The drivers are a bit old, but not that old, and the CPU is an Intel QX9650 @ 3.0GHz on the broken OS, 32-bit, SP1.

alt='nv_gt200_numbers'Numbers up

The short story: not enough, not nearly enough. It is barely faster than a GX2, yields are crap, and there will only be a syphilitic trickle of parts on launch, slowing to next to nothing after that.

Remember though, these parts are $449 for the 260, $649 for the 280, and they are barely faster than the ATI 770/4870. On price/performance, they lose badly, really badly, to the 770. On the high end, the R700 spanks them by wide margins, but those numbers will have to wait a bit.

If you are thinking that NV will put out a dual card, don't hold your breath, they are power limited, die size limited, cost limited and production limited.

They can't make it until the shrink in late fall, and even then it is questionable. Is the card quick? Yeah, it is decent. Is it good enough? Nope, not even close. This card is a dinosaur, too hot, too late. µ


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