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Rydermark benchmark lives. It's almost done

Shoot me down again, why don't ya?
Mon Feb 19 2007, 13:13
SOME TIME AGO, hacks at Dailytech claimed some Rydermark pictures we posted were bogus and that we forged the pictures. Even my fellow Bosnians and folk in many forums wanted to crucify me for that.

At the time, the publisher of the Rydermark benchmark to which the pictures related didn't want to reveal any more details about the benchmark, so I had to weather the storm. In fact, shortly after the original story fiasco, I received my second pre-alpha version of the program. And, guess what? It worked. Well, yes I had it all the time but I was the only external chap involved in the testing and - like in the Bosnian wars - I kept my head down.

Now we have had Rydermark running in our lab for more than three months. We encountered some weaknesses with it but the last beta that we received is rock solid. Be sure to read the development of the original stories here, over at Dailytech, and back on the INQ, here.

The benchmark supports many features such as Shader model 2.0 and 3.0 and there will be a new one supporting DirectX 10 and SM 4.0. It uses the heavily multithreaded Sahara game engine with multi-processor support, parallax occulsion mapping, 64-bit high dynamic range lighting with anti-aliasing, soft shadows, intense GPU-accelerated 3D particle systems, dynamic reflections and refraction, full-scene motion blur, depth-of-field, high-resolution textures and 5.1 surround sound.

A single Geforce 8800 GTX, G80 card under Windows XP and dual Athlon FX 74, Quad FX PC scores 217.11 in the test.


The scores from QuadFX

This is the control panel of the benchmark: alt='rydermark'

The scores from QuadFX


Rydermark screenshot


Rydermark screenshot number 2

The images are posted for you to dissect and prove me wrong. The benchmark actually looks far better than the pictures imply and we are expecting a video of the in-benchmark experience really soon.

We especially want to thank the Nvidia butt-kissing low-life that hides behind for being that persistent. And maybe that Wikiwonk Dionyseus should geting his editing hat on again too. µ

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