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No, really, 64bit is better than 32bit

Letters Flame the Editor button strikes again
Wed Apr 09 2003, 02:03
I JUST MIGHT be mistaken, but considering the x386 hardware only (i.e. not O/S capability), doesn't the 32-bit CPU support >4GB of memory? Now, I realize I'm talking about abandoning the "flat" memory model, but on the x386 architecture, aren't segments 4G, so technically we could go back to the "segment:offset" (or in the protected mode world "selector:offset") segmented memory models?

It seems to me that, if the O/S were to support the multi-segmented memory model, then maybe we could just limit one process's memory space to 4GB (and maintain the "flat" memory model on a per-process basis.

I don't really expect this argument to be taken seriously, but I just thought I'd bring it up...



I've been somewhat skeptically [Who? Me ? Skeptical ?] reading about the new nForce2 northbridge stepping (C1, but labeled A1) that's supposed to match up very well with a 200MHz fsb on XPs. A read of the [H]'s experience trying to run Barton on a 200MHz fsb (Only 1 out of 3 - from the same batch, yet - would run on that bus!) indicate that Barton needs at least a stepping so it can run at that bus speed.

The problem is that I would think everyone in Dresden (down to the janitors) who can spell "development" - in either English or German - is currently committed 1000% to Hammer, so I doubt that there's anybody available to work on a Barton stepping right now, and it's unlikely that anyone will be available anytime soon.

[200MHz for Barton would be "nice", and it would be keeping up with the Joneses (LaIntella) in running synch with DDR400, but the Hammers are absolutely crucial to AMD and they - both Sledge and Claw - are at critical points in development right now.]



Subject: thank goodness for WWIV

The 'War Couch Potato'...? No doubt one of the generals hung over from the riotous Inq celebration.

Thanks for the enlightenment sir.

I've always thought it was Ronald Reagan who beat up the Soviets.

And don't forget, if it wasn't for the chaps would be part of the 1000 year reign. No more fun playing couch potato warrior.

And don't forget one more thing...the biggest reason mainland China is armed to the techno teeth, is Bill Clinton!

Email address supplied


The Saga should continue to a class on basic PC knowledge.
Your "writer" should learn about things before commencing to instruct or to divulge his secrets. SIMMs have not been in use for years now. This individual is searching for the word DIMM (pun intended) or perhaps RIMM modules had the machine used RDRAM and not DDR RAM like he stated. I also sincerely hope that he meant that the instructions for the opening of the chassis was on the case and not on the hard drive. If he were to refer to the computer as a hard drive I would have to categorize him as a horribly misinformed end user and not anyone near being an authority on the topic which he assumes to profess.


Doug replies, none too politely:

You're being overly anal after the RAM flub.

HP has the documents for opening the case in electronic form on the HARD DRIVE. (I.e. hard file, winchester, DASD) in .PDF form.

Saying that the docs are "on the computer" is a bit too generic for my tastes. They're not on the bloody case, on a CD ROM, in the ROM, in chinese on the inside of the case. They're not on the "Internet."

So if I needed to replace the computer's HARD DRIVE and the instructions were on a broken HARD DRIVE, where are the documents? In the computer?


Quite honestly, who gives a flying f**k about Doug Mohney's PC-buying tribulations? I don't read the Inq to experience gratuitous navel-gazing. If this continues, you'll be receiving a three-part saga from me on the terrible trouble I had with my washing-machine recently. And I'll expect you to publish it (and presumably pay me for the privilege).



Feedback on "Microsoft, other Indian programmers slung into
Malaysian jail"

Good day. I'm a Malaysian chinese and i love Malaysia due to its multiracial culture. In Malaysia, we learnt to respect various races and religion. There are many incidents which happened in my country which raised lots of questions on human rights in Malaysia. Personally, i feel that with the 100% practise of human rights in local community may not be the best solution to unite everyone from different races in this country. No other country has ever successfully achieve what Malaysia government did in order to unite various races (we have close to 10 races in our country). That is a fact.

I felt sorry for immigrants which illtreated by local immigrants officers. We do have problems with illegal immigrants in the recent years, but we never had any problems nor illtreated any legal immigrants exclude the incident which you've posted. It was a terrible mistake by our local immigrant officers, which government took full responsible for this. This incident happened more than a month ago which was solved within a short period of time. There is no anti-immigrants fervor shown here. In fact, our local industry welcome foreign workers to work in our country and to be able to grow with Malaysia. I hope mistake made by minor party will not cause damage to Malaysia reputation nor create any further misunderstanding.



Subject: ex-CIA man says world war IV has started

>> we thought the Sovietski and its satellites collapsed by themselves, from inside.

Anyone who believes Russia is not a superior military power today and is continuing to maintain a moderm armed forces is mistaken.

A comment here ( and an eye-opener for Mr. Woolsey)-

The US system is as likely to fall apart as socialism in Russia. The monetary system, combined with capitalism will come under severe pressure as the ranks of the poor grow and organize themselves. Without the market economy the US will mean nothing to the rest of the world which is why politicians ( and the rich) do everything to 'protect their way of life', which is to make sure the rich stay rich and poor, poor. After all, if everyone becomes a billionaire, bill gates would only be $50 worth, not $50 billion !

>> Maybe he should have a read of Arundhati Roy's piece, here.

And maybe Ms. Roy should live in India for once and understand the dynamics. There is no such thing as Hindu 'nationalism' - there is politics. Politicians ( starting with the British) created friction among the communities and that friction persists throughout India- the problem in Kashmir is not the same one - its one of aided insurgency conducted by Pakistan to destabilize the nation. In fact, that also happened in Punjab and it didn't make the news here because Sikhs, not muslims wree involved but they were also aided by Pakistan.

Hindus do not hate muslims or wish them dead - if they did, there would be no
muslims in India today. Believe me because I lived there for over 30 years, in various states.

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Subject: letters ~ date standards

Regarding the date standards, unlike the ISO's 2003-04-08, UK's 08-04-2003 or US's 04-08-2003 (or 08-04-03 and 04-08-03, respectively), surely "Tuesday 08 April 2003" doesn't have much scope for misinterpretation.



some wild speculation which just struck my head after reading and a vague recollection that the first AMD Solo board, early 2002, was running with a PCI video card.

Could it be that one of the contributing factors to the Athlon 64's delay is issues with debugging the 8151 tunnel's hardware or drivers for Windows? After all, this particular and oh-so-critial piece of hardware (aaah, the days of the daily Via 4-in-1 upgrade!) is one of the areas of 64-bit Windows Intel has obviously not subsidised. Maybe they still have a couple issues in making it absolutely rock-solid.

(For what it's worth, in the Linux 2.5.67 kernel, the 8151 driver seems pretty clean and makes no mention of any errata. It could be that the AMD/SuSE agreements demanded discretion in the comments, of course, but drivers/char/agp/amd-k8-agp.c seems fairly straightforward and clean, but of course I don't have the hardware at hand to test whether the software works. It seems this file hasn't changed recently, at least not since 2.5.64. Aaaaah, it looks like I'm debunking my own argument.)

Or maybe AMD just expects an initial demand for server-bound Opterons which is already big enough for the initial ability to provide the goods.

Just random guesses.

Email address supplied


Subject: The review said that SIS 655 chipsets and Intel i850E chipsets still score pretty well in many complex tests and separate real world apps.

I guess you weren't smart enough to read the charts - and see that the SIS chip sets were fitted with DDR400 memory - and the Springdale only got DDR 266 and DDR 333 memory.

Kinda like racing your car in second gear - eh?

Paul R. Engel


TurboTax insist that it install IE 5.5. This is an issue with me. I don't trust IE 5.5. When I ordered the state add-on it appears to download. After the download turbotax states that it will shutdown and restart. Nothing happens at this point. You don't have the state add-on which you paid for. After several tries to install state I gave up and returned the boxed TurboTax to the store. Now I try to get a refund on the download product. I fill out the online refund request for the download product and receive an email stating that the "refund cannot be issued from this department"?? I have written turbo tax support 3 time trying to resolve this refund issue and I just get a form letter back. Tell your readers to use TaxCut. I downloaded TaxCut from the web site and got a free state add-on. The whole process was painless. Oh-yeah Tax Cut does not install IE 5.5! One other issue. When I installed Turbo Tax my OpenOffice 1.02 stopped working. Somehow those geniuses at Intuit found a way to break my OpenOffice.

Email address supplied


Subject: Intel and AMD's business models are dead

That's an interesting theory, and it's true, no normal person today can possibly have a use for 64 bit processing, and no matter how fast you type any pentium can keep up. However microsoft and any other piece of software has a habit of deciding when our pc's sucks too much and must be replaced. And another fact is that AMD doing cheap 64 bit computing is very important. Try doing any type of scientific computing without having a DOE budget to drop on a 10000 processor super computer. Yeah we all can't have one of those, so for those of us that need that precision without taking 1000000 years to do a calculation it's somewhat important. How long do you think it would take to solve a band structure calculation on a pentium 100 vs a 2 GHz hammer? And then what's the error that the pentium 100 is going to incur because it can only use 32 bit numbers. You might be surprised. Anyone who's ever done scientific computer loves new technology, the faster and more powerful computers actually allow some problems to be solved. So to anyone who says that the average person doesn't need 64 bit computer, we only need 640 kB of ram too right?



Subject: FLAME!!!

What absolute rubbish

The reason KT400a went back to the drawing board was for a rush treatment because unlike what VIA expected, it wasnt going to be good enough to beat the nforce2 AND NOT the fact it wasn't ready for 400fsb - thats the cover story. 400fsb is only a matter of sampling and having the appropriate divider available.

If you had any brains you would look at the background of VIA. MVP3, KX133, KT133a, KT266a, KT333, and REALIZE that VIA doesnt accept second place, and VIA doesnt lag with FSB and Memory technologies

You would also see that VIA tells BS stories to editors, like 'KT400a will have no or little performance upgrade than KT400', so idiots go out and buy mainboards now instead of holding off for a better mainboard.


GO BACK to the Socket 7 platform and empty your drivle there !!!!!



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