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7800 GTX won't drop in price anytime soon now

Not the right time for it
Tue Jul 26 2005, 10:53
THE GEFORCE 7800 GT is coming but at least at this time Nvidia won't drop the Geforce 7800GTX price. It's still selling well, as it doesn't have any competition from ATI.

Nvidia made the card available in the quietest quarter of all as people would rather spend their hard earned wonga on holidays rather than on graphic cards but Nvidia is still playing its high price game. If you want the best, you have to pay for it.

Geforce 7800 GT will have its own market and won't endanger sales of the fastest card as it will end up a little bit slower than more expensive 7800 GTX.

We talked to the channel and resellers, and they all agrees that at least some of the enthusiast customers are holding back and waiting for either an Ultra version of Geforce 7800 or the ATI R520 part. If you want to spend $500 or more, you want the best card that will last for a while, and now many people expect that the Geforce 7800GTX is simple going to be overturned soon.

Nvidia will endanger its 6800GT sales with new 7800GT but without a doubt it will drop the price of older part and make it even more attractive. Its pipeline war now as older card has 16 while new GT has 20 and has to end up faster. Nvidia is sure pressing ATI big time as it has the hardware out, selling good and can ship it. ATI is yet to ship any R520 parts. µ


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