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AMD names five mobo partners for SledgeHammers

Server Roadmaps Rhapsody in Green, and Iwill makes six in 2003
Wed Dec 18 2002, 10:04
FIC, GIGABYTE, Arima, Tyan and MSI will all introduce server motherboards for the SledgeHammer Opterons that launch next year, it has emerged.

All of the boards they will produce will use the "Rhapsody" chip sets, and come with a full set of workstation features to sing about.

Rhapsody chipsets are for Sledgehammer CPUs working in dual processor and multiprocessing modes and have a direct HT (hypertransport) link between each other. The AMD 8000 is for the Athlon 64, the 8200 for the Opteron DT, the 8400 for the Opteron MP and the 8800 for the Opteron MP eight way systems.

The FIC board, called the Adonis, is a 2U board, which supports PC2100, PC2700 ECC registered memory up to 12GB, has three 64-bit 100MHz expansion slots using a riser, onboard SCSI in the shape of a dual Ultra 320 controller, two Gigabit Ethernet ports, uses onboard VGA and can support the IPMI 1.5, server system management software.

Gigabyte's board, which doesn't follow the Greek line but is instead called the K8DPDW, is a 2U pedestal board, which not only will support AGP 8X, but also has two 64 bit 100MHz slots, one 64-bit 66MHz slot, and one 32-bit 33MHz slot. It has integrated IDE and Serial ATA support.

The Arima baby is also a pedestal board, unimaginatively named the HDAMA, and has similar configurations to the "Adonis", although with support for Serial ATA, unlike the FIC number.

All these boards use the Extended ATX 13 by 12 inch form factors as do the MSI and Tyan mobos.

The MSI MS-9131 is very similar to the Arima board, with a dual Ultra 320 controller, and integrated IDE. It doesn't have Serial ATA support.

Meanwhile Tyan - a lead partner for AMD when it launched the Athlon MP processors, will produce the Thunder K8 board (S2880). Again, this is a two way SledgeHammer mobo, supporting similar types and amounts of memory, and has dual Ultra 320 SCSI, as well as integrated IDE. Tyan has not yet decided on whether it will support Serial ATA or not. µ

* WE UNDERSTAND a sixth mobo manufacturer, Iwill will also launch server Opteron boards. Iwill' DAK8 will use Broacom GbE, ATX, have four DIMMs for DDR333, 4xPCI-X 64/66, 1PCI 32/33, S-ATA RAID and USB 2.0.

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