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Longhorn's most useful feature "leaked "as XP tweak

Letters Engels, on your own head be it
Wed Jul 20 2005, 01:50
SUBJECT: Have you noticed the suffix on company websites in the Cook Islands?

for example

might we expect the XXX & spam industries industry to jump on this & register such site names as (off the top of my head) Big, Huge, IWant & Get etc etc etc?

This email may or may not make it past your spam filters, so I may email using the web form, but I thought that it would amuse you.



Subject: Microsoft claims Longhorn will be, er, faster

The only reason why its faster is they added a superfetch feature to the prefetcher. If you look at the key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory ManagementPrefetcher

you will notice in windows xp

EnablePrefetcher = 3 and you will notice in windows longhorn
EnableSuperfetch = 1

Well, guess what? You can put the EnableSuperfetch = 1 in windows xp and get the same speed.

Wow, Microsoft just added a feature that was already there in xp.


[At your own risk, Ed.]


Subject: re: INQUIRER outsourced to Pakistan


I had a look at that article on the Pakistan Tribune and it looks plagerized to me. I put a comment indicating this. Funny thing is that the comments function doesn't seem to be working on their site.

Peter Stern
Toronto, Canada


Subject: Everywhere Girl is everywhere?

Hello Adamson. It seems, as of late, Everywhere Girl posts don't include a history of the Everywhere Girl. Since the Inq's search function doesn't paste a nice URL in my browser that I can email to someone else, maybe an Everywhere Girl summary page, listing the Everywhere Girl articles might be in order.

I'm sure many people would find it much more interesting than all that crap about Intel, AMD, nVidia, ATI, etc. I mean like that's important.

Whatever. It's time to get perspective!

What do you say?



Subject: Asus outsources from Taiwan

July 2047 Asustek announced today that it was moving production from its current factories in Mongolia and Zimbabwe to new facilities recently completed on Mars. Accompanied by the layoff of 2500 current workers, the company announced bonuses for its CEO and upper management, and the hiring of new Martian production staff. The company stated it could no longer afford the salary and benefit demands of Terrans.



Subject: Capacitors and Gigabyte

Hello Mike,

INQ recently wrote about poor quality capacitors and the issues caused by them. I would like to add something from my personal experience and you can read about it on my blog:

It is about Gigabyte GA-8I915P Duo Pro and GA-8IPE1000 Pro2-W mainboard models. The former is mine and the later is in my friend's possesion. Both boards introduce noise to the soundcards be it onboard or addon. Perhaps you folks at the INQ could dig something more about it? My mainboard is still covered by warranty and the service technician has admited that the noise should not be there so I will get a replacement soon. This time I am getting Asus -- hopefully I won't have to change it after only six months of use like I had to do with this one.


{Be it on your own head. Ed.]


Subject: Greasemonkey - how to use it securely

Dear sir,

I read with interest your article about Greasemonkey's security issues

May I suggest a solution, in the form of the NoScript extension? it's a rules-based javascript execution whitelist which plugs in to F/Fox's security API. With it installed, no script will run, this includes Greasemonkey scripts

To allow a page to run a greasemonkey script, just add it to the NoScript whitelist. It's a far from perfect fix but assuming - as is usually the case - that greasemonkey scripts are used on big, trusted sites, it largely solves the problem

Regards, Chris


Subject: Everywhere Girl


Just wondered how serious you are about identifying EG? I don't think you'd need Holmes for this one, Watson could probably hack this.

After a swift browse round the Getty Images site it's pretty much a dead cert the photos were taken in some US college or another. Wouldn't know Yale from Harvard myself but no doubt someone will recognise the place, enough of it can be seen in the background.

Scrutiny of the clothes (except those of the lecturer, who's probably had that suit since 1989) by a fashion victim should get you within a year of two of the time, since there's election stuff on the board my money's on 2004. And I'm also betting that someone wanting to do a photoshoot of students on a campus didn't import his own, just rounded up some of the more photogenic ones who were there already.

Thus a swift scrutiny of the college yearbooks should give you the name on a plate and the serious stalking can begin.

Of course as Getty Images say they hold a signed model release for every EG photo, which is kind of what you'd expect, they can probably tell you straight off if they wanted to.

But that's not half as much fun.



] alt='scissors'

Subject: Everywhere Girl on frontpage of this website

I've said it before and will say it again.

She is going to bible college :p



Subject: Everywhere Girl

Spotted her at

the lower right hand corner of the main splash image will show a small image of her and if one waits for the image to rotate through, there is a larger picture of the girl.

Wonder if she's got the degrees or if she just can't choose a career



Subject: INTEL CUSTOMER Fujitsu Siemens

Even more proof that Fujitsu Siemens was strong-armed and kneecapped by that evil doer Intel.

What more evidence do you need?

I demand that the EU - our personal tool - declare Intel an illegal monopoly and turn Intel's cash over to us - for new limousines.

Suing and Puking Hector

{Paul Hales. Is this Paul Engel? Ed.] alt='scissors'

Subject: Re: what are you talking about

I was talking about this article :

Note that linux kernel is continuously changing. So of course if you install the last unstable version of the kernel on your machine, you ll find bugs.

Note then that if there is an error in a microsoft application, that will give you full access to the computer as the right of the users are often inexistant and of course windows is not installing that by default... If you create a user using windows (without paying attention) this person could actually destroy the C:windows without carring... What a security. Because then viruses could use that to modify (and that's what they do) the important files in order to expand itself, ... Anyway, I guess you should take some time reading more things about it. If you want, I can provide you with real case or comprehensive text about that.

aurelien le gonidec

Subject: Everywhere Girl



Subject: revenues of between $9.6 billion and a staggering $10.2 billion

That money belongs to us.

We're going to get it - we are entitled to it.

"Entitlements are us" - AMD

Suing and Puking Hector


{Paul Hales. Is this Paul Engel as well? Ed.]


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