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L OS releases 64 bit Linux

press release L on toast
Fri May 21 2004, 09:25
THE ENGIMATICALLY titled L has released a 64-bit bit version of Linex with the optimistically titled name L OS. The company says it has taken three years more than 1500 Linux programmers and developers and 37 key hardware manufacturers and researchers to write L OS.

God knows who it got to write their press releases, but their spinsters use sentences longer than Judge Jefferies which are twice as hard to complete.

According to the press release L OS will "be a newly primed platform to fully take on performance-class hardware and software technologies such as PuRam Drives, Instant-On Technology, SuperBIOS, CacheFlow, upcoming high-bandwidth peripherals and 64-bit hardware."

Such software will 'empower users' worldwide with "a new powerful and unique tool for the development and deployment of creativity and productivity in all areas of business and personal entertainment, L OS provides a unique opportunity for an all-new creative platform, made of the input from users worldwide on behalf of the mission for better computing alternative."

Later on it gets a little messianic with quotes like "everyone with a computer is a beta tester for everything they have inside the box, is an undeniable truth. L believes in the evolution of technology. It is all about pushing hardware and software to its limits in an effort to do its managing part in the evolution of technology itself." One can almost here the straining of Also Sprach Zarathustra in the background.

Amongst all the hyperbole, L OS apparently has a memory management, processing and data caching code and a built-in 64-bit x86 emulation engine, which runs most Windows. It will be distributed free on all upcoming L Laptop, Desktop, Workstation and Server products. It will come with all the software including everything a 'common user' would need including web browsing, system utilities, an office suite, audio/video editing, authoring tools and a broad selection of imaging and multimedia productivity gear.

Ironically, after all the words, the L claims that it is trying to create a "minimalist" transparent technology.

It can be found, along with the unminimalist press release at µ


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