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Daily Rounder Silent PC Prototype on the chopping block
Sat Apr 26 2008, 08:00

IF YOU’VE NEVER heard of EndPCNoise, don’t worry, neither had we. It's a system integrator in Vancouver, Washington and it's all about creating silent computers. Silent PC Review took its EG22DBA machine and laid down the design details for all to see. It’s quite an impressive feat of engineering, building a supreme gaming machine and bringing the noise down to 22dBA. AcoustiPack was used throughout, in this 2-chamber design. Lots of details here.

Remember the i-RAM? Well, so does XBit. They’ve gone and thrown one of these units into a test PC and compared it to current SSD and HDD technology. i-RAM trumps everything in the test, and it is sad such a great performance enhancer never became a mainstream feature in PC building. SSD look great for server performance, but HDDs remain the overall winners in price/performance. Brilliant data, here.

Still in the silencing the PC arena, XSReviews here in Blighty, wrote up a guide to DIY PC silencing. Everything goes, from cheap foam mousepads as acoustic insulation, to snipping off fan grills to reduce air turbulence or O-rings for optical drives and HDDs. Naturally, quieting your graphics card or CPU involves buying a decent cooler. Another decent bit o’ literature.

Georgie at Hillbilly Hardware has a fine accessory for your PS3 (or PC, if you want it). It’s called a Cordless MediaBoard and it’s made by Logitech. The MediaBoard is a wireless keyboard with an integrated touchpad, akin to the ones on laptops. The touchpad replaces what would be the numeric keypad on the keyboard. All you do is stick the USB wireless dongle in your PS3 and you’re ready to go – text messaging, browsing, profile editing, etc... George does mention it works on a PC, so it might also be interesting to couple up with your HTPC – not 100% sure about that, tho’. Catch it here.

Samsung recently announced an “haut design” line of LCDs named the Touch of Color series. Futurelooks got hold of the T220 “Rose Red” version – quite a looker. As usual, take the specs with a huge grain of salt, “20000:1 dynamic contrast ratio” is begging seasoning. Michael thought colour reproduction and contrast to be great, although there’s no groundbreaking technology behind it. The aesthetics, yes, that’s the clincher. Ogle it here.

Intel’s X48 chipset is popping up with tier-one mobo makers – and Gigabyte has their GA-X48T-DQ6 unit on test at ThinkComputers. It’s got everything but the kitchen sink – native DDR3-1900 support and support for the most powerful CPUs on the market today. Frank thought the board was almost flawless, and isn’t the most expensive X48 mobo around. Read it here.

Gaming and laptops was a match hard to make, but they’ve become a sign of laptop power as well as the powertoy for the uber-rich. Laptop Magazine named their top Q1/2008 Gaming Laptops in this article here, and you can be sure there’s a lot of firepower under that there bonnet.

Green computing is prolly selling quite well, given all the hype. VIA launched their green PC initiative under the PC3500G platform guise. This is a micro-ATX format mobo with an integrated C7 CPU that even has a PCIe x16 slot for more advanced graphics (however HD decoding sucked really bad). PC-Presence (Tom’s Hardware France), tested this – and even threw in an 8800 Ultra and Crysis. Overall performance was multimedia-poor, but it does fit the bill for appliances. You can put in a stick of RAM, a big HD, Linux and an internet connection, and you have a great Torrent box. Read it in French or Googlenglish. µ


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