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Bush spinner calls for NASA site censorship

Big bang is only a theory
Mon Feb 06 2006, 07:52
A BUSH presidential appointee to NASA told a web designer for the research agency that he would have to go through the site and stick the words 'theory' before every reference to the big bang.

George Deutsch, 24, a man whose qualifications include being a 2004 Bush-Cheney campaign worker, was seen by Bush as the ideal man as his appointed spinner to NASA.

Apparently, according to the New York Times, Deutsch issued his big bang request in an email which has now ended up on the desk of one of its hacks.

This question of the big bang has been a bit of a problem for Deutsch who it's alleged was caught trying to censor astrophysicists who mention the "event" in their papers.

He said that the Big Bang is not a proven fact it is just opinion. "It is not NASA's place, nor should it be to make a declaration such as this about the existence of the universe that discounts intelligent design by a creator. This is more than a science issue, it is a religious issue. And I would hate to think that young people would only be getting one-half of this debate from NASA," he wrote.

Ten days ago a top climate scientist Dr James Hanson at NASA, omplained that Deutsch tried to stop him from speaking since he gave a lecture last month calling for prompt reductions in emissions of greenhouse gases linked to global warming.

Deutsch rejected a request from a producer at National Public Radio to interview Hansen claiming that NPR was "the most liberal" media outfit in the country. Deutsch said his job was "to make the president look good". Deutsch implied that by going against the president's belief that there was no problem with global warming Hanson was somehow being disloyal. If the email is to be believed.

The move prompted NASA agency's administrator, Michael Griffin to issue a sharply worded statement saying that it was "not the job of public affairs officers" to alter, filter or adjust engineering or scientific material produced by NASA's technical staff.

More here, and those who support Deutsch's theories might want to look at this scientific publication which supports this theory. µ


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