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Microsoft screws up legit Vista users

GenuineCheck.exe is all messed up
Mon Oct 08 2007, 11:29

WHAT HAPPENS IF you own original version of Windows Vista, and you want to do an update which did not come automatically with Windows Update?

Natural order of things would be finding a link to the download on Microsoft's site, pass the Genuine Validation and download the file. Sadly for Microsoft, and more importantly - for thousands of users world-wide - things went haywire.

We received word from several users who tried to download various different patches, and could not get past the validation. Personally, I did not expect that three hour delay between sending and reading the message, but we checked ourselves and the service does not work at the momment.

Is it a temporary glitch or will it be sorted by the time you have read this article, only time will tell. As it stood at midnight pacific time yesterday (8AM in Blighty), passing the Windows Genuine (dis)Advantage check was impossible. We re-checked again at 4AM (don't ask, jetlag) and the files we would download for several updates (actually, it's the same 863KB file over and over again) still would not pass, producing an error message.

alt='wgascrewup'Files were identical in size, regardless of what download link we used.

Congratulations to Microsoft on all the anti-piracy measures that the company deployed in order to protect the DRM-overloaded slow and non-responsive junk occasionally called MeII. We wonder when the punishment of consumers who legitimately bought their product will end. µ


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