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ECS goes for high end graphic cards

Muscles in on Asus, MSI and Gigglebyte (SP?)
Sun Nov 10 2002, 17:40
MOTHERBOARD MANUFACTURERS like, these days, to sail on the seas of the graphic market because they are a port in the storm in this somewhat tricky market. Phew. Metaphor nearly over.

The latest to don a Sou'Wester, after Asus and MSI's closeness to Nvidia and Gigabyte's switch to ATI, is the hidden player creeping up on the top three - that is to say ECS.

Previously, ECS hadn't messed with graphics card, despite its undoubted size, even while it produced Xabre based cards for our friends at Silicon Integrated Systems (SIS).

Well, all this is about to change, as ECS now has serious plans to introduce high end graphic cards.

To prove it's serious, it has gathered a team of software chaps and chapesses and product managers from Asustek, while the hardware team seems to include experienced engineers from MSI and Gigabyte.

The head of the PR team comes from Powercolor and the goal of the whole is to talk to people like us and also sell as many graphics cards as they can, natch.

From the construction of this well gathered team you can see that ECS is extremely serious with this project and that it might become a serious threat for the myriad smaller graphic card manufacturers.

The main question that we all would like to know is which chip manufacturer will ECS chose. Will it be Bill (ATI), or Ben (Nvidia).

We don't know yet. But we will.

The company is unable to comment since it doesn't want to spoil nice relations with both companies, meaning both options are in their line of sight.

On the SIS graphic side, ECS will soon introduce Xabre 600 in next couple of weeks as we learned.

With ECS in the graphic business as well, we will have the top four mobo manufacturers in this business, meaning more hard work for everyone to stay competitive. µ


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