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Nehalem's new CPU socket is bigger and more robust

Post-IDF notes One (back) plate, please...
Sat Apr 05 2008, 15:32

THE NEW, LARGE LGA1366 socket for uni-CPU (Bloomfield) and dual-CPU (Gainestown) 2008 Nehalems is not just 20 per cent bigger on each side than the LGA775 for the current Penryns. It contains nearly 600 extra pins for those QPI links, three 64-bit DDR3 memory channels and, obviously, a lot of power.

It is also seemingly far more robust when it comes to keeping it tight to the mobo.

Take a look at this LGA1366 test board for the Bloomfield. While the front CPU socket insertion seems the same as right now, the back portion has a proper metal back plate which, via four screw holes, holds the CPU socket firmly without banding under, say, heavy fans.



But, hold on, at a second glance, even the front isn't really the same - there's an independent loading mechanism - ILM - instead of the direct socket loading used right now. Take a look at the mounting process from these slides.


... And the socket difference summary:


Talking about the summary, it seems Intel did give serious thought to improving the socket a bit, and implemented it in the end. Also, the larger die will be cooled by a larger heat spreader on the larger package here as well.

However, forget using any your current coolers on these new babies - all mounting holes have changed and, after all, the (extra) size does matter. µ


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