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Three 3D monitors tip up

CES and AEE 007 Gaming and theatres serviced
Tue Jan 16 2007, 11:13
THERE WERE THREE 3D monitors at CES and AEE, each used a different technology to achieve more or less the same goals. Two are gamer oriented, one is display oriented, two low rez, one high def. All were worth the time it took for the demo though.

The first one is from Iz3D, a 22-inch widescreen gaming monitor. It is the same basic tech as the 17- inch model, just bigger and 16*9 instead of 4*3. Iz3d-22-inch-monitor

We have a 17-inch that we are waiting for NV to fix some showstopper driver bugs before we can write up, but between crashes, it looks real good.


Zalman is doing a similar thing with different tech. They had a demo going on with a nice looking 19-inch monitor at its stand. Compared to the Iz3D, it had a better picture dead on, could do more variable separation, and a few other tricks, but was far more sensitive to vertical pitch. It should be out around mid-year for $499.


Last we come to Ocean Mango, a very different type of 3D. It specialises in high def 3D and it looked incredible. It isn't anything you can buy as a product, it specialises in technology and getting you a 3D show off more than something in a box.

The version we saw was two polarised HD projectors showing pr0n at the AEE show. It looked really good, but we can't show you the pictures, not that it would matter on a still anyway. If you need to run a 3D theater in HD, give the firm a call. µ


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