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Manhunt 2 keeps its M rating

Blurry vision
Wed Nov 21 2007, 08:48

THE US Entertainment Software Rating Board has announced that it will stand by the M rating it issued to the revised Manhunt 2 computer game.

The Board agreed to give the game a M rating if its makers Take-Two, cut out or blurred certain scenes.

However there was a hue and cry when it was discovered that if you used a hacked Playstation Portable it was possible to see the cut scenes and remove blurring.

Western civilisation threatened to collapse as parents across the US feared their children would be turned into axe-wielding zombies. There were even moves in the Senate to ban such computer games and calls to cover children in bubble wrap until the emergency passed.

However it all turns out to be a storm in a teapot. The ESRB said that it looked at all the hoops that a person would have to jump through to uncensor the game and really there was nothing to worry about.

The official statement said that it took many changes to the game's code and other unauthorised software programs to circumvent security controls. Even then it was impossible to totally return the game to its uncensored state.

The ESRB said that Take-Two had told it that the content was there when it applied for an M rating to the game. This was nothing like the Hot Coffee mod to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas where sex scenes were available for all who knew the cheat codes.

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