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Nvidia confirms it paper launched the 7300GS

Card launched this week not available till February
Fri Jan 20 2006, 16:22
NVIDIA just paper launched a product!

The graphics chipper made an official announcement of its 7300 GS on the 18th and we were happy to follow up on it. You can check our stories here and a day later here.

But, while reading what's going on in the Internet we noticed that our muckers at bit tech ran a small interview with an Nvidian named Foat. You can find the whole thing here.

What caught our beady eye is what the Nvidian said when asked about the availability of the 7300. Here's the snippet:

"Bit-T: "What is the US / UK street date for these cards?"
Foaty: "Early February."

So the birth of the 7300GS may have been announced already but the hardware itself seems stuck somewhere in the birth canal.

It won't be out in retail for at least two more weeks.

Does it make it a paper launch? The last time Nvidia gave me and the rest of the journo pack its sermon on paper launches, it claimed that a paper launch is when you release the specs of the card and ship them at later date.

Nvidia came down hard on us humble hacks, suggesting all of us should put more pressure on ATI over its R520 availability - or lack of it. ATI was aware of heavy delays and admitted as much in front of the 100+ journalists. ATI took it like a man, said it's late and promised rather realistic availability dates for its new chip. It differed approximately a week from the promised date.

I can still remember when Jen-Hsun, the King of Nvidia, appologised for messing up with NV30 at Cannes, France. Yet, that was the last time we saw the company eat humble pie in public.

Nvidia cancels its C60 quietly, no one asks questions. It delays some products, still no questions asked, as Nvidia has it all under control. The worst part is that Nvidia folks will always say that ATI is just copying its innovative ideas. Avivo vs Pure Video is the best example, as Nvidia claims it is much better in High Definition but, ironically, at this time it can barely handle HD at all. Nvidia promised a new driver but it could still be a while. ATI has been shipping an Avivo driver since pre-Yule times and even has revision two out.

Nvidia is still struggling to ship any Geforce 7800 GTX 512 cards - yet more vapourware, although does have some of Asus' King Kong 7800 GTX 512 cards.

It looks like Nvidia is returning to its paper-launch roots just after it made everybody happy with its marvellous Geforce 7800 GTX 256 announcements, where those cards were available from the day one.

Should we even mention Dell's "lipstick on a pig" Quad SLI machines that won't see the light of day till spring - and it is still rather cold here.

We plan to be as hard on ATI for not shipping its cards when promised but it looks like ATI is ready to start selling Radeon X1900XTX, XT and Crossfire cards and, very soon, even the usually very late All-in-Wonder version. The new All-in-Wonder X1900 will arrive just a week or two after the original Radeon X1900 XTX launch. The samples are already finished we understand.

So ATI learned its hard lessons and Nvidia needs to swallow its pride and start using the very tactics it preaches.

If you launch and don't want it to be considered a paper launch, you need to have your cards available on the launch date, and you need to continue shipping them thereafter. It's rather simple if you can manage to do it.

Nvidia will jump on my back and claim I am pro ATI in this case, but I am just suggesting Nvidia stick to the principles it wants us to judge its competitor by. µ


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