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MSN exec defends renaming of RSS feeds

Blog wars
Tue Aug 16 2005, 12:47
AN MSN EXECUTIVE is defending the renaming of RSS feeds to "web feeds" after a stream of complaints and criticism from Microsoft blog users, claiming that the company is trying to recast the RSS syndication technology in its own image, according to Infoworld.

The ruckus came about after program manager for RSS in Interner Explorer, Jane Kim, posted a blog entry on the 2nd of this month that said Microsoft will be calling RSS feeds "web feeds" but is open to changing the name. A Google RSS feed soon followed suit for Google News, calling the RSS technology "feeds."

Mike Torres, the lead program manager of MSN Spaces, posted in his own blog that there is a big difference between the branding of the RSS technology and the technology itself. Supposedly, the renaming of RSS is not a sign that the company is trying to remake the technology for itself, but instead was renamed to create a distinction between RSS and an upcoming feature in Internet Explorer 7.

It's all-out company blog wars, since Torres was responding to a post by Dave Winer, accusing Microsoft and Google of tinkering with technology that is not their own. He called the move of the companies "childish and self-defeating."

Torres said in his blog, "just because one team at Microsoft (in this case, the IE team) is grappling with the naming of a single feature in a single product (that does a lot more than just RSS), it doesn't automatically mean we are trying to 'reinvent the technology.'" He defended Microsoft by saying it is not the only company renaming RSS feeds - Firefox calls them "Live Bookmarks" while Newsgator Online and Bloglines both call them "feeds." µ

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