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Ipod doomed says Wozniak

It is just a fad
Wed Oct 08 2008, 10:34

APPLE FOUNDER Steve Wozniak has launched a stinging attack on the Ipod claiming that the gizmo was just another fad doomed to go the way of the Walkman and the hula-hoop.

He said that the Ipod has lived a long life at number one. But if you look back to transistor radios and Walkmans, they died out after a while. "When everyone has got one or two or three, they are on display everywhere, they get real cheap and don't sell as much", he said.

Woz also said that both Steve Jobs and him hated Apple fanboys who are too stupid to question anything the company does and defend its failures.

He said Steve and him hated the fact that Apple has become a bit of a religion. "Users influence the next generation and with a religion you're not allowed to challenge anything", he said.

Punters should be howling for blood when Apple cocks up and demanding changes not sitting on their spotty behinds, squeezing blackheads and praising Steve Jobs’ farts. We are paraphrasing Woz a bit there.

As far as the fanboys are concerned, Woz speaks heresy when he compares the Iphone SDK limitations to Google's Android.

He said that punters were not getting all they want when companies are proprietary and lock their products down. He said he would like to write some more powerful apps for the Iphone than you're allowed. µ

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