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ATI's R360 is the same old R350 core

Speed bumps emerge
Mon May 26 2003, 12:39
JUST AS SOON as Nvidia was close to announce its FX 5900 Ultra wonder fix of the previous marchitecture people started to talk about ATI's new chip.

It was even claimed by Chinese language newspaper the Economic News that the R360 was taped out recently, and that ATI is on the schedule for a summer introduction.

That isn't strictly true. R360 hasn't been taped out as such as the R360 is just an improved production yield from R350 chips that is going to work at higher frequencies than 400 MHz, we think.

The R360 uses the same old and now proven 0.15µ marchitecture since making this chip at 0.13µ would cost a lot of money, unnecessarily delay this chip and give Nvidia time to ship enough FX 5900 Ultra for some time without ATI's faster answer.

R350 and R360 have DDR 2 memory controller as well, apart from the 256 bit memory support meaning that this card won't have any problems using DDR 2 memory and can be clocked quite.

ATI will clock this card just a bit higher than Geforce FX 5900 Ultra to steal Nvidia's thunder one more time, if all goes according to its plans.

Knowing ATI's development process, this chip is likely to change a few frequencies before it becomes reality so now is a little too soon to talk about the new chip. You could easily consider this chip as a revision of R350 that will of course work faster than Radeon 9800 PRO.

We have good reason to believe that R360 will be called the Radeon 9900 Pro since this is the only name left for this marchitecture based on R300 and its upgrade roadmaps.

No matter what anyone says, ATI is still on schedule with the R400 now called R420 and we should see this card introduced by the end of this exciting year. µ


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