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Software deletes idiots from the Web

Kill the newbie
Thu Nov 08 2007, 09:03

IT HAS TAKEN a while, but someone has finally come up with software that can remove idiots from bulletin boards.

A team of software boffins is working on a "stupid filter" that will act like a spam filter and delete 'idiotic comments'.

The team, lead by Gabriel Ortiz, is readying a free, open-source version they hope to release by year's end. It will come as a plug-in to Firefox browser by early next year.

If an outfit has the filter on its web server, it will snuffle any comment before it is published. If it is drivel it will flash the user something which says "This comment is more or less unintelligible. Please try to restate it."

Too many LOL!!!s, OMG!!!s will be likely to get you kicked.

Ortiz said one of his problems in designing the software was getting the filter to spot irony. Computers were a little like Americans and had not got a clue if a person was being ironic or sarcastic. This is particular problem because clever posts are often packed full of irony.

People with brains the size of planets will often misspell blog as bog, or switch Open Source for Open Sauce to make a point and only the very stupid do not get it.

One thing Ortiz has noticed is that the terminally dim repeat consonants.

The team wants punters to visit its site, , where you can help them rate on a scale of one to five a selection of potentially dumb posts culled from YouTube.

Filtering some of the alt.groups will make these disappear completely.

Of course the Kave, which can almost always be found here, would pass through the filter totally unchanged. Kave denzines have been experimenting with similar filters, only they have been adding in words. The latest filter inserts the words [auto phnarr] after every double entendre. Not stupid, not at all.

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