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G(N)force 6150/6100 details revealed

Announcement tomorrow the 20th
Tue Sep 20 2005, 09:38
NVIDIA WILL continue to brand its chipset range as Nforce but for the south bridge, while two new boards will be named the Geforce 6150 and Geforce 6100.

We are talking about the north bridge here, as those integrated graphic chipsets will have south bridges as well, branded as the Nforce 400 family.

Nvidia is making a huge mess with branding, as I would never have thought that Geforce 6150 is a motherboard, what were the marketeers thinking? I know it's fast for integrated graphics and that Nvidia wanted to use it as its strong argument but the Nforce 6150 name would be just fine.

Geforce 6150 and 6100 chipsets will have integrated core based on 6200TC design and will feature two graphics "pipelines". According to an Nvidia document seen by the INQ, the faster Geforce 6150 "chipset" will support HD video, TV encoder and Dual head/TMDS outs.

It will have high 6200TC based graphics and will run at fast clock speeds, though we still don't know what these clocks are. It will be able to support one PCIe 16X slot and two PCIe 1X slots. These boards will "focus" its marketing about video and HD capability and will offer DVI, S-Video and composite out including VGA as well.

The Geforce 6100 chipset will just have a 6200TC based core clocked at a slower speed than 6150 but won't support any advanced features such as support for HD video, TV encoder and dual head/TMDS outs. It will support one PCIe 16X slot and one PCIe 1X and that's it. But it will end up cheaper.

Generally, the Nforce 400 series south bridge will offer support for eight USB 2.0 holes, four IDE drives, four S-ATA 3.0 GB/s drives, and "high definition" audio based on AC97 and Native Gbit LAN support including a firewall. Don't forget the support for up to five PCI slots.

There will be two chipset variations - one called Nforce 430 and the second Nforce 410.

Nforce 430 supports Gbit networking including "active armour" firewall, four S-ATA drives Raid 0, 1, 0+1 and 5 and a "media shield". Both Nvidia and ATI need "media shields". Nforce 410 supports 10/100 LAN, no firewall, two S-ATA plugs, Raid 1, 0 and a "media shield".

Expect to see reviews in early October, but the board should be shipping around that time as well. Nvidia won some OEM (original equipment manufacturing) deals so you will be able to buy these chipsets in some machines soon enough.

As for naming, I believe Nvidia will dummy many of its customers into buying Geforce 6150 graphic card, especially in OEM or SI (system integrator) machines, but they will end up with integrated graphic in a north bridge of a motherboard. Sheesh! µ


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