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Bill Gates suffers from selective memory

Sun Feb 20 2005, 10:35
Bill Gates: Microsoft created PC industry

It is easy to sum up what I feel about Bill Gates' statement about Microsoft creating the PC industry. The words I would use are "selective memory".

The PC industry, way way back, was already underway when Bill Gates and Paul Allen went to Phoenix, AZ to hock their wares to MITS. That's not even mentioning the development of the processors for microcomputers, the creation of other operating systems and programming languages by the likes of Gary Kildall (of Digital Research Inc), the variations of all the CPM based machines. Let's not even talk about how Microsoft conned the poor Seattle-itte out of his QDOS which was then licensed to IBM.

IBM did not create the PC industry. IBM simply gave it validity. The industry would have gone the way it had no matter what, except maybe we'd all be using Unix or OSX.

Microsoft was nothing but a player in the play that was written years before they'd seen any success.

Once minicomputers were being developed and sold that heralded the coming of the PC because once you made a computer smaller people would try to make it even smaller.

When Bill Gates bought QDOS for appx. $50,000 and licensed it to IBM it simply denied the original author the fame and fortune his product must have deserved. Microsoft withheld the knowledge of what they were going to do with that product from the original author and in a way denied him his right to fame and fortune. Had they told him what they were going to do with the product maybe he'd have made the deal and the world would be a slightly different place.

IBM did drive direction in the market for a while. Microsoft did tend to buy every product they could and then spend millions, if not billions, making them a solid product offerings, and then did use their monopoly power to destroy the competition. Maybe that's what Bill Gates is talking about in how they made the PC industry.

It is easily seen as selective memory on Bill Gates' part when it comes to who created the industry. You can't imagine how many people's hard work he demeaned with that statment, including mine. I hold only the self-appointed role of being a person that saw what computer could do and did my little part in changing the world. Bill Gates' statement tends to deny to me the efforts I put forth for years.

One operating system does not make an industry and one company does not make it either. Millions of people, tens of thousands of companies (failed and successful), along with the persistence and vision of the users made the industry, not Microsoft.

Jim Blaich
Shelton, WA


Otellini gets spray painted in Intel love fest

i will be happy to send you a "blue x" tshirt. I was hoping to see you write that the blue x was in relation to the red x campaign years ago for 286 to 386

Name supplied


Seven dirty indecencies

You bleeding heart flaming libreal tree huggers need to get over it! BUSH WON!!!! You article on censorship and fcc fines is out of line. Especially with your comment on Bush leading us into war based on lies.

Sure they did not find weapons in Iraq besides the sarin gas mortars turned into roadside bombs. And the whole world knows syria isnt hiding the weapons that saddam had. Granted the FCC fines are stupid and censorship is unamerican there do need to be lines drawn and 30K fine means nothing to clear channel or mtv or any media conglomerate.

A fine needs to hurt the pocket book in order to be effective and to ensure the incidents dont happen again. There are problems with Michael Powell and he should have never been the head of the FCC however there are also problems with indecency on the radio and on tv. America should not be forced to hear howard stern say profanitys every 2 minutes and should not be forced to see the wrinkled nipple of a Jackson.

I hope you enjoy the next 4 years of Bush because this time around is gonna be alot more fun then the first. Sniff Sniff do you smell it? IRAN, SYRIA, NORTH KOREA here we come.. Im glad we have a president with the courage to confront our enemys before they have a chance to attack us. Thank god for BUSH and thank God the democratic party is in shambles due to the libreals such as yourself. Your party is dead librealism is a nice way of calling yourself a socialist and hopefully the Democratic party will realize that soon and bring us canidates that are for america and not for california. There needs to be a balance of power and I look forward to the day when the democrats bring fourth worthy politicians again to be called the commander in chief.

Name supplied


Oh great. More meaningless political jibes (Seven dirty indecencies).

"Tonight on CNN: Tsunami relief, an interview with the new Iraqui prime minister, and an unnecessary quib about why Democrats all love homos."

See my point?

Tim Horacek


Carly Fiorina should market Everywhere Girl

Inquirer: Invent

I think Carly would be best suited in marketing the Inq's Everywhere Girl. She could do all the marketing research to find Inq's Everywhere Guy.

After a sloppy merger she could get them each an Inq Everywhere I-Pod. Wow.

All without having to layoff any Inq staff.


Richard Cabrera


TPM and trusted computing

Security through obscurity is not working. We have seen enough examples in the past. Security cannot be the reason why Infineon does not want to release any information about their TPM products.

Actually we do not need this TPM stuff for security at all. Modern CPU's come with all features needed for a secure environment. Compare a secure operating system like VMS with MS Windows or Linux. They run on pretty much the same hardware. What makes the difference is the operating system itself, the applications, and how all components work together. VMS shows that security is already feasible. TPM will help neither MS Windows nor Linux (and I doubt the TPM makers are targeting the Linux market).

TPM will limit the number of hardware and software makers. Independent hardware and software makers will not get access to vital information and developer tools. Combine TPM with software patents and you give the Microsofts of the world all they need to eliminate the development of free software. As software and hardware expert this is pretty clear to me. Of course Siemens/Infineon have no problem with that. The European Parliament will not understand this matter and destroy more jobs in Europe. More 5,000,000 unemployed in Germany? Hey, let's ditch another 10,000 high tech jobs and hundreds of thousands more that depend on them. Top that with new fees to pay off "IP owners" for copies that nobody can make anymore. Total madness.

The other important aspect of TPM is the entertainment industry. Big companies and organisations are trying to dominate the market. Consumers loose diversity and their rights to backup media, and to watch whatever whenever they want. Region locked, scratch sensitive, copy protected DVD's with 30 minutes enforced preview and censored content are already reality. This is only the beginning. Ask Disney. Again, the European Parliament and other governments do nothing to protect us, the people.

I think it is important to illustrate the connexions between TPM and all its side-effects every time we talk about TPM. Anyway, thanks for the nice article.

Perhaps we have to wait for the invaders from Alpha Centauri to liberate us.

Name supplied


AMD has long way to go

Respectfully, I don't think you got that right Mike. Whether you approve of the approach of some Marketeers or not, AMD has a long way to go when it comes to competing for business business.

I work for the Canadian divsion of an American Fortune 500 company. We are still waitng to purchase our very first AMD cpu of any type!

When I suggest to our IT people that we might get better value with AMD the response I get is "AMD? We're not playing games here!".

Intel is the gold corporate standard. All of their misteps of late has cost them exactly zero, nada, in the corporate world. Many companies have Intel only policies.

On another note, AMD will be successful when it can persuade companies to buy Athlon64s instead of Pentium4's, not Opterons. That's where the real corporate spending is.

The Athlon has been superior to the Pentium4 for a helluva long time now. What has that done for AMD? AMD needs to do anything/everything it can to get corporate acceptance if it ever hopes to get more than the leftovers.

Even if that means some Marketing tactics that you're not in love with.

Name supplied alt='scissors'

Enthusiasts and Idiots !!!

As you have noted today's "enthusiasts" is for the most part a technically challenged wannabe with more money than brains. But there are numerous companies profiting from the technical ignorance of the masses of "enthusiasts".

We have **over-priced** Fatal1ty Mobos that have overclocking features that few can use without frying their hardware. We have RAM Boosters so you can fry your RAM with 3+ volts to get 1 MHz increase in frequency. We have RAM that won't even run at default 2.7V so we sell it as "performance" high voltage RAM that requires 3+ volts.

At the end of the day, all the RAM over-voltage and other extreme overclocking gimmicks result in LESS than 1% improvement in system performance but your wallet has been emptied of hundreds of dollars.

These gimmicks are for those without a CLUE just like PSUs with LEDs, bottom fans, cable sheaths, etc. People who buy this stuff are so technically challenged that don't even bother to check the electrical quality of the PSU. They buy on recommendations from other idiots in forums based on brand popularity not on technical merit. And of course we have hardware review sites and journalists who hawk this CRAP as if it's the best thing since sliced bread. (By the way most folks with a clue know sliced bread ain't an improvement over fresh bread... but they sure sell a lot of sliced bread now, don't they???)

When you point these folks to technical white papers by AMD and others that would help them educate themselves so they can make informed technical purchases, the shills in the forums, some of whom are moderators, get pissed and start leaning on the messenger. As usual if a reviewer can get freebies from a mfg. most will SHILL for the mfg. even when the product is inferior.


We have generations of technical idiots that CHOSE to be technically ignorant, despite offers of help. Wonder what these folks will do when the money runs out???



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