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PS3 powers server farms

Gaming round-up As DS games tip up on the PSP
Mon Aug 13 2007, 10:43
NOT CONTENT with their touch-screen telephony Ipod, Iphone owners now have the opportunity to play titles such as Mario and Doom. This should distract them long enough from the dead areas on the phone's screen...

Software firm id, has hinted at a Quake DS game in the recent QuakeCon. This comes shortly after id's move to place the company's crown jewels on Steam.

Fueled by Doom being a breakout hit on Xbox Live arcade, id's Jon Carmack let it slip that Quake Arena will also be coming as a download. He also managed to speak to 1up about id's new game - Rage, using the id 5 tech engine.

Leading industry analyst Michael Pachter believes that there won't be another drop in price for the Playstation 3 this year, instead Sony will likely reposition the console price ahead of the release of highly anticipated software titles GTA IV and Metal Gear Solid 4 in 2008.

Sony is denying recent reports that rumble Sixaxis' are ready to shake things up for consumers. Sony spokesman Dave Karraker tells GamePro (via Joystiq) that they have not added rumble to the Sixaxis and have no announcements regarding the feature. We'll see.

One of the most interesting news pieces this week, comes in the shape of a PS3 network farm, which you can observe at the official Playstation blog.

This must be one of the coolest server farms ever.

It's possible each of these PS3s could be hooked up to their own 7" portable screen, courtesy of this new product.

There has been some interesting developments from the PSP community this week.

Firstly, it seems the Nintendo DS is being successfully, albeit slowly, emulated on the PSP. Obviously your PSP will need to be modded to utilise the homebrew available.

Secondly, rumours of Playstation Home coming to the PSP are spreading due to another Playstation blog post. discusses the implications.

If you're still hunting round for PSP slim comparisons, has a useful video comparison, which can be utilised alongside these photo shots.

Xbox 360
Fortunately, the Xbox 360 price-cut was finally made official this week, allowing us to stop discussing the rumour and finally put it to bed.

The Premium model will now carry a retail price of USD $349.99, the Core unit will sell for USD $279.99 and the recently launched Elite model will be priced at USD $449.99, all effective August 8th.

Canada also got the cut, with the Elite now costing CAD $499.99, the Premium weighing in at CAD $399.99 and the Core dropping to CAD $299.99.

No further news on when rip-off-Britain will get the price-cut.

Microsoft also announced that the Xbox 360 Premium will get the Elite-only HDMI output. Rumours are that the Core package (if not completely dropped) may also get the upgrade.

Pictures of the HDMI equipped Premium console have already been spyed on the interweb, and Xbox-scene went even further with motherboard shots which show no Falcon/65nm support - but fortunately has the new redesigned GPU heatsink.

Master Chief's coveted special edition 20GB Xbox 360, initially seen at Microsoft's E3 2007 press conference, is coming this September forUSD $399.99, which is now $50 more than the Premium console. For that you'll get an HDMI port, a headset, a Spartan green-and-gold finish (for console, controller and headset) and a Play and Charge Kit, according to the press release. The non-proprietary HDMI cable is sold separately. Engadget follows up with some high-res shots.

This guy might buy one, if he has enough money left after his Halo-themed tattoo.

Staff from Eurogamer express their views on how the current build is shaping up.

As a great link to our Wii section, it seems some entrepreneurial chap has managed to get his Wiimote working on the 360, and is shown blasting his way through Halo 2.

The 3rd Wii system update occurred this week, which, among other things, added USB keyboard support. You can get the full set of additions and features here. Don't update if you use the multi-region giving Freeloader....

Nintendo announced that red and black DS lites will be available from August 21st.

Nintendo Japan has revealed a new slide sensor for the DS, which effectively turns the handheld into an optical mouse.

Retailing in Japan for JPY ¥5,800 (GBP £24 / EUR €35), it comes bundled with a new game called Slide Adventure: Mag Kid - based around a small robot that has to reassemble itself from salvaged enemies.

The Wii Fit availability and pricing has apparently been leaked - according to the blokes at Gamestop the pre-release for the Wii Fit is January 1, 2008 and they've priced it at USD $69.99.

Some more exciting shots of Mario Galaxy hit this week, pop over to Joystiq to have a view.

Looks like the Wii straps are being upgraded again, locking clasps have been observed and pictured.

These may or may not be useful for the rumoured Wii portable.

Before we finish, be sure to check out the most popular Virtual Console games at Wiifanboy. µ

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