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World of Warcraft cheats revealed

Three card monty in the back alleys of Azeroth
Thu Dec 08 2005, 07:43
MILLIONS OF players worldwide enjoy the MMORPG World of Warcraft (WoW), but as with any game, some of them cheat.

Blizzard's award-winning juggernaut is full of magic, but some characters have learned to cast spells that are a little more potent than your average fireball.

I interviewed a WoW player who admits to using various cheats. However, he claims that the two programs he regularly employs are "just time savers" and thus "not really that bad." The first cheat is a bot that will level up your character for you, and the second one is a slightly more insidious beast that lets you teleport anywhere you like. I'll outline them both shortly.

The WoW servers have an anti-cheat program called Warden (does that mean all WoW players are in some sort of prison?). It's running all the time, looking for impossible feats on the part of players. But most of its job is done as you log on and off from the game. So the primary trick in avoiding the warden is loading your cheat programs after you log on, and closing them down before you log off. Both cheats described here do just that.

The bot cheat is a pretty sleek piece of software. My source says he payed $25 dollars for it. The basic idea behind it is this: you set way points and a few other parameters, and the program will take control of your character for you, running along the course you set up, killing monsters, skinning hides, looting bodies, and healing itself as necessary.

Yay! They've programmed computers to play computer games for us, so we don't have to anymore! Think of the time it'll save us.

The bot cheat is usable with all races and character classes, knows how to fight back against other players and how to move like a human, looking around, jumping for no particular reason, etc. It even knows who the moderators (GMs) are and you can set an auto-reply in case they try to talk to "you" while the programming is calling the shots.

The second cheat, the teleport cheat, seems even less fair. It has fewer bells and whistles than the first, but they're much louder bells and shriller whistles.

You can turn on the ability to run up mountains, ignoring the usual obstacle presented by steep inclines. Just run up the side of a wall, if you like. Turning off the damage you would normally take from falling is also an option, and even more blatant is the ability to turn off gravity. Waltz straight up into the air, or off the side of a cliff, like in a cartoon. You are a leaf on the wind; fly and be free.

The meat and potatoes of it is the ability to jump to any location that's on the same continent as you are. Give it an X, Y, and Z and pop over to the Alliance strong hold. It comes pre-programmed with a few safe houses, little out of the way nooks that you can teleport into with little chance of being seen, and you can save more destinations in memory as you find them.

I asked to see some place that nobody is supposed to be able to get to. So my source showed me the Ironforge airport (screenshot below). But we saw at least three other players snooping around up there. I guess everyone is doing it.

That makes it okay, right? µ



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