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US surfers hand over $7 billion in phishing scams

Far be it from us to call them stupid. Oh, go on then.
Tue Aug 07 2007, 17:17
A MILLION OF US IDIOTS have handed over more than $7 billion to scammers in the last two years, says a new report. (For your copy, please send full bank details to the address at the end of this story).

Consumer reporting outfit, er, Consumer Report's latest State of the Net survey, reckons that a quarter of US consumers are likely to succumb to an online virus or spyware threat, while the number of imbeciles responding to email phishing scams has remained at a constant eight per cent.

Two thousand US households were polled by researchers. Five percent said they were worried by the threat of online fraudsters and sent a $1,000 donation to help fight criminal gangs. 54 percent offered to help the widow of an African politician move funds offshore and 126 percent believed that the odds were in their favour that they'd won the Swedish National Lottery, despite not having bought a ticket.

But perhaps most remarkably, almost two million people bought new computers because they thought their old ones were infected with viruses, spyware and communism. A third of these people admitted they took no precautions to block spyware and viruses, while 3.7 million trusted in God and The Department of Homeland Security to run a firewall on their behalf.

The USA is 231 years old. µ

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