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Google Android phone isn't T-mobile's first 3G offering

SE TM506 pips it to the post
Sat Sep 06 2008, 19:48

WHILE EVERYONE had their eyes on the much-rumoured G1 (Google 1) phone, expecting it to showcase T-Mobile's 3G ability Stateside, the Sony Ericsson has pipped it to the post.

The TM506 is the first HSDPA handset which T-Mobile USA has ever offered. Which isn't surprising since only New York, Las Vegas and possibly Houston appear to have working, live 3G networks.

There's a list here courtesy of DSL Reports which shows that San Fran isn't supposed to get 3G until later this month.

So Google hasn't really got a lot of choice of venues for showcasing the G1 which, incidentally, appears to be the same thing as the HTC Dream which everyone has been going on about.

Plus the G1 looks nothing like the HT723G700457 handset which originally featured in Android demos.

Pictures of the G1 appeared on the Taiwanese web site, Imobile.

Significantly, both the G1 and the TM506 will only support HSDPA at 3.6 Mbit/s not 7.2 Mbit/s.

So how one New York based publication 'saw' 5 Mbit/s on its test TM506 is a bit of a puzzle for the INQ.

The fullest set of G1 specs are given here by Zimbio and clearly show it only supports 3.6 Mbit/s.

Meanwhile, all the smart money is on an October 13th launch for the G1 although no-one seems prepared to speculate where the launch will be held by T-Mobile USA.

There was an earlier muted launch date for the G1 this month [September] but that date seems to have transformed into the day (17th) on which ultra-loyal T-Mobile subscribers can pre-order the G1 and guarantee themselves a unit at launch.

Somehow the INQ can't see vast queues forming outside T-Mobile stores in New York (the first city to get T-mobile's 3G) on Sunday October 12th in anticipation of being one of the first to own a G1. µ


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