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SCO claims Big Blue destroyed evidence

There must be some somewhere
Mon Nov 27 2006, 16:27
ANTI-LINUX bad-boy, SCO is claiming that the reason that it has not got as much evidence it would like to back up its infamous case against IBM is because Biggish Blue destroyed it.

For those who came in late, SCO is suing IBM for breach of contract for allowing its Unix code to end up in Linux.

However, according to Computer Business Online, SCO is now saying that the reason it's case has been floundering lately is because IBM got rid of the evidence.

It says IBM directed its Linux developers in its Linux Technology Centre and at least 10 of its outsider helpers to delete the AIX and/or Dynix source code from their computers.

Big Blue said that the evidence had already been in SCO's paws since March 2005 and the only things that had been deleted were copies of the AIX and Dynix Unix operating system source code which SCO has anyhow.

In a court filing, IBM said it could identify nothing that has been destroyed. It said that eight developers involved with its Linux on PowerPC project were told to ensure that they no longer had access to AIX source code in their "sandbox" development environments.

Only four of those developers deleted any files and those were just exact copies of AIX code in the CMVC or a copy with changes that had been rejected.

IBM said that perhaps four developers may have deleted copies of the code presented in identical form in IBM's CMVC database.

Biggish Blue points out that SCO never complained to the court at the time that IBM had not given it the right data or that anything was missing. µ



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