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Avoid the Vista badge, it means DRM inside

Comment Don't just blame Dammit, damn it
Sun Apr 15 2007, 12:10
THE RECENT BILE directed at DAMMIT over the framebuffer lockout is entirely misdirected. Or, at least, the reason to blame the firm is wrong. The hardware providers may be guilty as hell here, but not for this - the real evil here is Microsoft with its DRM fetish. The loser? You, once again.

As we have been saying for years now, DRM infections have no positives for the user, there is literally no good that you get from them. Everything they do is negative under each and every scenario. While the content mafiaa gets positively orgasmic over the money they will rake in while you twist, the whole industry tanks.

Back to the issue at hand, there is no hardware provider that I talked to, be it DAAMIT, Intel, Nvidia, or device manufacturer like the drive makers that want, like, or even say good things about the DRM infections. They hate this more than you do.

Why? It cost them a lot of money to license the IP involved in this. Then they have to make the things, which add engineering debugging and testing time. DRM infections lower compatibility, drive up support costs, and in general are no fun.

Once you get the design done, it adds silicon area, lowering yields and adding cost. The finished devices consume more power, you don't think that encryption comes for free do you, lowers performance, and in general, sucks.

On top of this, you have to not only make driver that understand this on top of the normal functionality, but you have to obfuscate, secure, and enforce the DRM infections. Again, this lowers compatibility, breaks functionality, and costs a hell of a lot to do.

It will then be broken in a few hours, and you will have to make a new set of drivers with a different encryption scheme. Who pays for this massive engineering effort in the end? The user, that would be you. What do you get for your added money? Less compatibility, devices that don't work, much less work together, and forced updates that will break your machine if you don't apply them. You are roadkill that is forced to pay for your pain, a wallet with legs.

So, if the hardware people hate this inflicted pain, why do we have it? Two reasons, MS and the hardware vendors themselves abdicating their responsibilities to you the consumer. MS is evil, the rest of them sold you out for their profits. Ironically, they all lost, as did we the users.

The root of this crappy DRM infection is Microsoft. It is the driving force here. This has nothing to do with protecting content, as we keep pointing out, there has never been a single thing that has had a DRM infection applied that didn't end up cracked on the net in hours. DRM is about walled gardens and control.

He who controls the DRM infection controls the market. DRM is about preventing you from doing anything with the devices without paying the gatekeeper a fee. This is what MS wants, nothing less than a slice of everything watched, listened to or discussed from now on. DRM prevents others from playing there, thanks to the DMCA and other anti-consumer laws.

Make no mistake, MS is pushing the DRM malware as hard as it can so it can rake in money hand over fist with no competition. It is really good at lock-in, in fact, the firm based its entire business model on harming the user so they have to comply and spend more.

Want more proof? If you look at the Windows MeII (aka Vista) logo requirements, specifically the graphics portion or the list (Spreadsheet section I, lines 452 and on), you will see that they list something very curious. The first thing they list is that the graphics is DRM infected, this is mandatory. The next requirement is that it meets the functionality standards, like 453. So, MS is saying in no uncertain terms that DRM infections are more important than the device actually working.

What a wonderful world we live in, in the real rational world, roadkill does not have to pay for the privilege or agree to a crushing Windows EULA before they get their brains splattered on the grill of a coked out record company exec's Porsche logo.

So, if Microsoft is the root of all this evil, why blame the hardware folks? Because they are all spineless cowards. Intel sold you out. ATI sold you out. Nvidia sold you out. AMD sold you out. Every other hardware vendor that has a Windows Vista malware sticker on their machines sold you out. This is a badge of compliance, just that you are being forced to, not that the stuff will work with Vista.

These corporate worms all stood in line and assured their own pain, and then heaped that pain and cost on you. None of them had the balls to stand up and do anything about it, they are dumb sheep, and MS knows this. They use logo compliance as a weapon, and everyone falls into line.

What is the result? Media centers suck, all of them. They are unwieldy, unworkable, unfriendly, anti-consumer piles of garbage that sit on store shelves rotting. People don't buy media center PCs because they want a DRM infection that turns their $5K flat panel into a black screen, or if they are really lucky, a downrezzed blur, they buy them in spite of it. This is usually done out of ignorance, something that seems to be prevalent in abundance among the masses. All the companies prey on this.

So, you have an evil mastermind herding spineless sheep. You suffer and pay more. Media center PCs are a dead category because of DRM infections, a promising new tech squashed in the name of greed and control. Lets chrome one and put it beside a mini-disc player with a DAT as a backdrop. Garnish with Audio DVDs, Blu-Rays and HD-DVDs as needed.

What good did DRM do here? All the things that DRM infections have tried to protect are still cracked, AACS patches are cracked before the new discs have started to be pressed, and the game goes on. The content mafiaa and MS have lost every single skirmish in the war.

Another promising tech squashed. Another set of world domination dreams fizzled. Another generation of consumers blindsided because they don't pay attention. Another set of miserable and broken hardware foisted on us.

When you aim the guns at DAAMIT, make sure you aim the guns at the right target for the right reasons. So far, very few have, there is more than enough DRM related greed and evil to go around. Have at thee, but have at thee correctly.

And they wonder why we don't care about the crap they make any more and sales are in the toilet. That is the real puzzler. µ


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