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ATI may rename the R580 the X1900

RV560, X1600 re-spin to be named X1700...
Tue Dec 20 2005, 11:38
AS 2005 draws to a close, attention turns to 2006, which in IT way is going to start sooner than more people expect. Viva Las Vegas in first week of January will bring us Intel's Core (ex-Yonah) and the Viiv platform. However, what's interesting is that the 3D wars will continue as well.

ATI's recently shipped reference boards with R580 chip to its partners and is organising road-tours showing of the new product as we write these lines. The PCB looks almost identically to "old" R520 boards, with same cooling solutions and so on. Since the R580 chip is pin-compatible with R520, there was very small number of modifications ATi needed to do. As far as the product line-up goes, you can expect X1900XL, X1900XT and All-in-Wonder X1900XL boards.

While the first two can get their counterparts from Nvidia, the All-in-Wonder X1900 is going to be "zero competition board"; since nV still has no high-end products featuring TV tuners... and digital DVB-T with GeForce sounds like a pipe-dream.

As far for the mainstream part goes, RV560 is working quite nicely - the sources suggest introduction at same time as Green Goblin's 90 nanometer products: 7200, 7300 and 7600. Q1'06. The RV530 core was thoroughly modified in order to increase the performance, so it's no wonder the company has decided to call it X1700. Or so the bells are ringing from Ol' Taipei... µ


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