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ATI prepares HD2900 Pro

El Cheapo R600 to arrive in weeks time
Tue Jul 31 2007, 14:39
IT SEEMS THATTHE HD2900 family of products will probably expand from current one official and one dark horse chip with at least one more member.

The original plan that ATI had for the product line called for four members of the family: 1GB GDDR-4, 512MB GDDR-3, 512MB GDDR-4 and 256MB GDDR-3 models, and four different PCBs were developed. We all know how that ended, with AMD execs promising a hard launch of 10 products and then delivering two, abandoning the 1GB model for retail and delaying the HD2400/2600 to summer.

Now, 1GB units are slowly popping up, without AMD's support. The company wants to have units shipped for fancy $5000 systems, not retail boxes, and the time will come for the most affordable unit.

According to a product ID in recent set of Catalyst drivers, a new SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) popped out, the Radeon HD 2900 Pro. It seems that this product is getting close to launch, most probably in time for X-mas season.

As we all know, AMD has no plans to introduce R700 before the first half of next year, by that time 55nm process in TSMC should be ready to accept multi-die projects as R700. Fall will bring several new products to AMD's range of graphics products, but nothing earth shattering (unlike Nvidia's current plans).

All in all, expect Radeon HD 2900 Pro to bear 512MB or 256MB of memory (depending on number of GPUs available, Taiwanese manufacturers will offer different variations) and cost around 200 dollars, fitting in nicely between 8600GTS and 8800GTS 320MB. µ


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