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Nvidia screws Dell

XPS + Vista = not happening
Wed Feb 07 2007, 09:06
DELL SEEMS TO have realized something about Vista that is blindingly obvious to any gamer, basically it is totally unfit for release, much less gaming.

That and NVidia can't write a driver to save its life.

Chalk up another victim for Nv's promises.

Look here and pay attention to the OSes available. All of the machines have Vista as the only option except the XPS 710 line which does not allow you to get Vista at all. This is because you can only get a G80 with those machines, there is no other card available, and G80 drivers for Vista are, to be overly kind, crap.


What this says to me is that things are seriously broken at Nvidia. If things were as rosy as Nvidia says, and a driver was imminent, surely it would tell its valued partner Dell, right? Dell probably sells more high end gaming boxes than anyone else, period, and Dell is certainly privy to such critical roadmap details.

The lack of Vista here has two possible explanations, neither of which are good. The first is that Dell is out of the loop and gets what Nvida sends them as it happens. There is no roadmap, there is no plan, Dell gets the stuff and puts it in boxes. Anyone with a clue as to how the system builder process works will fall over laughing at this possibility.

The other is more problematic, that Nvidia is flailing around without a clue or an ETA, and any such dates are a way away. The reason this is the case is that if there was a driver coming, Dell would know at least a week or two in advance, and probably have a beta or two in house to test.

When Nvidia gives Dell a date, say two weeks from now, Dell can put on the web site 'Usually ships in 2 weeks' or similar promises. The lack of Vista as so much as an option with a future ship date, 'clicking this may delay your order two weeks' says that there is no hope short term. Nvidia is up the creek, and it is dragging Dell behind. µ


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