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AMD drummed up dual 90 nano Opteron racket at show

Comdex 2003 But hid a lot of things...
Fri Nov 21 2003, 07:37
CHIP FIRM had a major presence at Comdex, with most of the action in a nice set of suites, filled with grinning PR people and engineers. Dual-opteron-systemIf you read this site regularly, you will know there were no great secrets to be revealed, at least in the official sense. There were a lot of goodies on display, most of which were announced, but which I hadn't seen so far.

The most interesting was AMD's working 90 nanometer Opterons - not one but two. There was a dual 90nm Opteron box as well.

running HDTv encoding in one corner. That little box was doing the realtime encoding, and both CPU usage meters were pegged. It then sent the data to another Opteron box which was displaying the picture. No flaws or hiccups were visible. While this does not say that there will be no problems with 90nm from this point on, it certainly is an encouraging sign.

Next up was a plethora of laptops. They had the bright red Ferrari notebook, with accompanying bright red Ferrari mouse.

There were other less red notebooks, ranging from the Behemoth Cclass DTR (DesktTop Replacement) notebooks to slim and light, albeit Athlon XP only, Fujitsu models. If you don't need 64 bits in your notebook, AMD can probably cover all of your needs now. With 64 bits, it can only cover most of your needs.


It had motherboards, gaming machines, and servers on display, but no new chips. You will have to wait till early January to buy one of the 3400+s that we showed you a few weeks ago. If I had to guess an exact date, I would say January 4th, the day Intel comes out with the P4EE/3.4, but that is just speculation. Really. One thing we are sure of is that you will have to wait a bit longer for the FX-53, but not much longer.

AMD also had a bunch of Newisys boxes on the floor. If you slap a garish purple faceplate on them, they had an eerie resemblance to the Sun boxes McNealy showed off on Monday. Probably just a weird design similarity. (See Sobek, Sebek, Ra Ra Ra). No resemblance to the IBM 325 boxes in any event.

What's clear is that AMD has moved from rough prototypes to clean shipping items relatively quickly. The overall maturity level of the Athlon64 and Opteron boxes shown was a quantum leap from the last bunch I saw, and in the end, that is more important than a new chip that delivers five per cent more on a synthetic benchmark.µ


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