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VIIV and Itanic are safe from Intel axe

Corporate shenanigans
Wed Jun 14 2006, 15:41
OH BOY, DOES it sure pay to have friends in high places at Intel.

With the latest round of reorgs well under way, word has trickled down that the two biggest money losers at Intel, VIIV and Itanic, are not on the chopping block. To make matters worse, our sources say both programs were exempted from the 'we will look at everything' scrutiny that the rest of 'everything' was subjected to.

This is a monumental problem on a scale almost worthy of big blue, and goes to show why I think Intel's management is incapable of solving the problems it faces.

When they stand up in front of the troops and say they won't cut jobs, and then moot a double-digit percentage cull of the company, it has a big morale effect. HR101 here guys. When they say they will look at everything for cuts, and then they exempt the pet projects of the two biggest leaders, well, that shows how serious they are about change.

If you are going to stand up and make bold prognostications in front of the troops, Wall Street, and the assembled unwashed masses, you damn well better do what you say. Exempting the two largest money losers in the company apparently on what appears to be ego grounds is not the way to go about doing this. If there was a good reason to exempt them, you had better make it clear before the word leaks.

Sources on the inside have confirmed the whispers about cuts and lack thereof, and the result is far more serious than any programme going away. Until Intel flat out stops this petty cronyism and actually puts its money where its mouth is, there can be no real reform at the corporation. µ


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