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Sound and physics are the buzzwords for AMD's R600

GPU is a GPU no longer
Thu Apr 19 2007, 17:35
DAAMIT'S R600 SIMPLY can't be called a GPU anymore. GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit, while R600 can be shortly described as GSPPU - Graphics, Sound and Physics Processing Unit.

It seems now that the System-on-a-Chip concept implemented in R600 was far beyond anything Graphzilla's rider Jen-Hsun ever talked about, and the roar of angry beast will be heard in city of Satan Clara.

We hear that Sound Physics has been buzzed for quite some time, and we are massaging our contacts to bring you as much detail as possible. It seems that R600 GPU will be less CPU-bound than it has been in the past, since a lot more parts of the scene will be calculated and rendered on the GPU itself.

R600 combines graphics with audio and physics process in a whole another way, and those 64 vect5D shader pipelines yield in 320 scalar units total, directly comparable to Nvidia's 128 scalar ones. Now, 128 scalar units at 1.35 GHz is still a tad more efficient that ATi's own 320 at 740 MHz, but ATi's pipeline is more complex than it was previously thought.

Who'd ahev thought that ATI would overtake Nvidia in a race to multi-purpose GPU and make consoles of today with their PowerPC CPUs look so 1990s? Perhaps R600 was really worth the wait after all. µ


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