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Blizzard improves WoW - finally

New character transfer service
Fri Jul 14 2006, 20:34
BLIZZARD FINALLY STARTED to listen to the hearts and minds of WoW players, who were enduring all the problems and all game imbalances. Last patch brought the world of Necropolis, an instance intended for only best equipped guilds with people who live inside the game.

However, the patch induced a lot of pain to gamers on servers with lower population or new servers, because they had to fight same virtual opponents as better equipped people on older servers. This didn't pose a problem until the enemies starting to spread and killing all the non-playing characters in the region of their attack, virtually stopping players from advancing in the game. This was solved with latest weekly update, which brought some changes into the game itself. The boring enemies in front of main towns are now finally gone, and players can focus on getting their act together before Patch 1.12 kicks in.

The biggest happening of the week is the fact that Blizzard has opened paid-character transfer, enabling people who live on overcrowded servers to join lower populated ones, or rather join their friends if they started to play on a different server.

However, there are some limitations of the feature, and the price of 19 euros or 25 dollars in US certanly did raise some eyebrows. However, its better to have that feature but not to have it at all. Of course, you could begin a new character on a new server, but if your friends are not uber-gods in the game, getting to their level might take some time. So, it's the choice between money and time. And we all know that time is money.

More causal players will, however, have to wait for their field day with 1.12 patch that will introduce world-server PvP mixing, sending queues for battlegrounds into Oblivion. 1.12 patch will also bring world PvP, with goal-based battles happening in open world, in several regions of the game. µ


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