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Intel's Otellini confirms Merom, Conroe, Woodcrest chips

Intel Developer Forum Paul Otellini says broad based PC growth back
Tue Aug 23 2005, 17:44
AS PREDICTED, Intel CEO Paul Otellini delivered some hard and fast details about its future chips, codenamed Merom, Conroe and Woodcrest. These will have performance per watt ratings, and will deliver 5, 65 and 80 watts respectively for the notebook, the desktop and the server chips.

Business will come back when we have some products that people want to buy, said Otellini. In the four years since 2001 the market is growing nicely again. This year the number of units will be 206,000 million, he said. Centrino systems will represent 36 per cent of Intel's business this year, said Otellini. Most recently, notebooks have outsold desktops in the retail market in the USA. That, he said, is because Intel gave people what they wanted.

Well, we wanted Intel to give us a Pentium M on the desktop, but it took us a whole to persuade it to do that.

Intel announced the biggest re-organisation in the industry nine months ago, he said. The different organizations have outward focused developments, he said.

Intel is moving towards performance per watt starting with the Banias, following it up with Dothan, and later this year will ship the Yonah, which will be out early next year and will deliver a two times performance on power compared to Dothan. And of course it will be used for desktops that don't need big fans and the like. Intel has two micromarchitectures now, Netburst and Mobile. Intel will combine the best of these into its next generation power optimized marchitecture. In the second half of 2006, Intel will bring out Woodcrest, Conroe, and Merom for the server, desktop and notebook markets. You know about this already, because you've already read it here.

Intel is already running Merom based processors and Otellini showed off a notebook running the new microprocessor. The desktop Conroe, which Otellini showed, was running Fedora Linux 64. And the server Woodcrest product he demoed was running dual CPU server chips, each of which were dual core.

Merom will deliver a three times performance per watt while Conroe will include a 5X improvement in performance per watt. All of these are 65 nanometre dual core processors. By Q3 of 2006, sales of 65 nanometre chips will surpass existing 90 nanometre process chips, he said.

But Intel will deliver half a watt products by the end of this decade, by which time the CPU will have enough terrorflaps to power the brain of a bumble bee.

There's a new category of machines called handtops, and Intel will introduce reference versions of machines during next year.


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