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Video games make you stupid

More shots from E3, from Charlie
Wed May 26 2004, 10:38
THAT E3 SHOW was full of little things that don't get written about much, and here are a few of them. The first is the fact that video games do indeed make you stupid. Don't believe me? Try watching 5 people play a Namco drumming game all at once. Think that is supid? How about someone making a movie of people playing a Namco drumming game. Fun, maybe. Moronic looking, yes.

Still don't think that is stupid? What can you say about a show that brings out your inner redneck. Hell, I didn't even have chaw to spit, but I got in the car. The one thing I am not sure of is, after two plus days without sleep, who looks dumber, me or the booth babes?


In the 'indoctrinate them while they are young' category, MS probably paid a great deal for this one. The only question I have is why they didn't update it to XP warrior. It seems the problem MS is having convincing people that XP really offers you something worthwhile over NT is in full force over at Warner.


One thing MS did not spend a lot of money on is the studios of the late, great Jim Henson. Note the start menu.....


Lastly, we have the swanky NVidia party. This year it featured Sugar Ray, he is the guy in the red. Sadly, this year had no porn stars who, in the words of one NVidia employee, did things that 'you can't unwatch'. There were a lot of cool people there, a bunch of partners that you could actually talk to away from the crowding of the show floor. The question for all of you sharp-eyed reader is how many NVidia PR people can you name simply by seeing the back of their heads? µ



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