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Microsoft employees in Vista revolt

Bring me the head of Monkey Boy
Thu Mar 23 2006, 07:22
WHILE THE markets and the IT press are castigating Microsoft for releasing Vista late, it appears that Vole is suffering from an attack from its own staff over the decision.

According to an insider bog, the staff are up in arms about the move.

The blog is fuming that Microsoft will not only miss the back to school market, but will also now lose the Christmas sales period.

"Vista's deployment is going to come from people buying CPUs with the OS pre-installed, not dancing down the CompUSA aisle as they clutch that boxed version of Vista to their loving chest," the bog says.

The bog, which is backed by hundreds of similar comments from Microsoft employees, says that managers should be offering their resignations for the delay. Other comments called for the head of "Monkey Boy" while others said that it is time for a shareholder revolt.

"Vista is the biggest software development failure of all time, IBM's office vision was the previous record holder, with $900 million spent… Vista has cost five or six billion," the poster moaned.

However, one person, who claimed to work in the Windows department said that Vista simply was not ready to ship.

"If you had spent the last five years of your life grinding away to get this thing out the door, you would have realized the only thing worse than slipping the date, would have been to lay a turd in August. Those of us in the trenches (front-line L61 PM here, on a real feature set, not one of those useless COSD bureaucrats) see exactly what bugs are between us and shipping." µ


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