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ATI/Nvidia GPU Physics not as good as Ageia's

Not even close
Tue Jul 04 2006, 11:31
AN ANONYMOUS games developer claimed that ATI, Nvidia on GPU physics is not even close to what you can get with Ageia's Physics card.

He tried to implement the physics and said that to his horror he learned that ATI and Nvidia "cosmetically" affects the physics. The developer added that only Ageia can handle game play physics. The same level of physics quality cannot be achieved using GPU physics, and even high end cards such as X1900 XT or 7900 GT cannot handle it.

If you want to use 3D particle water spray or wave ripples, you need Physics do to it properly. This is a real shocker as ATI and Nvidia did a lot of PR about how well they can handle physics.

This will likely change with DirectX 10 hardware and software, but for the time being you'd better hold your breath before buying a second or a third graphic card to handle the physics. While Ageia is much cheaper and faster, however, it seriously lacks software support. This is Ageia's real Achilles' Heel. µ


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