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R600 test site smells fishy

Follow up total hoax, or cunning stunt
Tue Jan 02 2007, 23:00
THE REPORT about a site claiming an early R600 test (see story ) drew lotsa responses, I have to say.

Most interesting points that lead a few towards the hoax conclusion: no photos (after all, if you breach an NDA, you may as well do it all the way - some stickers won't stop you!), some odd benchmark data (like GF8800GTX looking too slow in Oblivion), and the fact that the site hosting this has that review as its only content.

This is what bothers me most: why would anyone go to an extent to set up a website (OK, Google ads...) with just this review on it?

If he wants lotsa hits for ad revenue, well, something like "Actress X caught in bed with Actor X, Actress Z and Prime Minister T - watch it here in HD" would create many more hits for that purpose.

To me, the clue is the "review" content and conclusion, which basically advertises ATI R600 all over the place and, at the end, indirectly advises everyone not to buy the Nvidia card coz they will be sorry / jealous / have a nervous breakdown after 22 January...

Who would have the best benefit of this particular conclusion, I ask myself? µ


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