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Intel "will take 18 months" to catch AMD up

CeBIT 2004 But the coop marketing funds still talk
Mon Mar 22 2004, 11:19
SOURCES CLOSE to both Intel and to AMD told us at CeBIT that as we have reported several times this year, Chipzilla is likely to tear up all its current desktop projections, can the Pentium 4 and go for the Cheapzilla jugular.

One source, who told us that he'd be taken out and shot at dawn if he was identified, said it will take Intel at least 18 months for it to complete these radical desktop and server plans.

He said that the biggest problem was that AMD was prone to shooting itself in the foot, and unlike the president of Taiwan, would win itself no sympathy votes if it did this yet again.

The lure of the mighty dollar, however, means that the tier one vendors are still quaking in their shoes. That's because they receive some lovely lovely co-marketing funds from Intel for each CPU they buy, which doesn't half help boost their bottom line on PC sales. While they're all simmering, like HP, about the pesky Itanic and the pesky Xeon line up, not one has the cojones to stand up and tell Intel to get in line.

It's clear that the Potomac technology that's supposed to arrive next year is a highly complex design and won't compete with Opterons, particularly when AMD intros 90 nano babies and adds some proper eight way support, probably via a future Serverworks chipset.

What's interesting, other sources said, is that despite AMD's lack of marketing money, corporate America has already twigged that Opterons offer high performance at cheapo prices. Despite the "Blue Party" sending in SWAT teams to persuade big companies that it can do better, both tier one vendors and those big companies apparently remain unconvinced. µ


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