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How Prescott prices will shape up

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Thu Dec 18 2003, 15:31
THE MAJOR change in the first generation of Prescott chips is cache size - and it won't be until later in the year that we'll see big frequency changes until later next year.

That's emerged from roadmaps seen by the INQUIRER, which also show that Intel is moving fast to displace existing Northwood Pentium 4s with its new process generation, the 90 nanometer chips.

Although by the end of next year, Intel hopes to hit or exceed speeds of 4GHz, the higher frequency chips need to use the LGA775 rather than the socket 478, which will only be used for a little while for Prescotts in the coming year. µ

Pentium 4 and
Pentium 4 Prescott pricing

Chip FSB Cache 1 Feb 15 Feb Launch Launch
P4XE3.4 800 2MB $999
P4XE3.2 800 2MB $925
P4 3.8* 800 1MB $635
P4 3.6* 800 1MB $635
P4 3.4E* 800 1MB $420
P4 3.4* 800 512K $420
P4 3.2E* 800 1MB $278
P4 3.2* 800 512K $278
P4 3.0E* 800 1MB $220
P4 3.0* 800 512K $218
P4 3.06* 533 512K $218
P4 2.8E* 800 1MB $178
P4 2.8* 800 512K $178
P4 2.8A 533 512K $169
P4 2.6* 800 512K Bye! EOL
P4 2.66 533 512K Bye! EOL

* SUPPORTS Hyperthreading

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