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Ideal Windows Vista PC revealed

It's an iMac
Fri Jan 26 2007, 11:36
THE MONDADORI STORE in Milano is unusual since it has working hours until midnight. Just the place to buy a new keyboard or other computer-related equipment after hours.

However, while Lorenzo was busy buying a Logitech keyboard for his shiny new Mac, and Enrico was just hanging out with his hands in his pockets, yours truly found himself in a state of shock.

There were several Apple computers on display, but the most prominent one, an iMac with a 24-inch didn't run Mac OS X, but rather soon-to-be-released Windows Vista, in its Ultimate Edition.

You were probably not expecting this in a Mac store - iMac running still unreleased Windows Vista Ultimate

Ideal combination for a PC? Apple designed, 24-inch LCD with full 1080p support, notebook CPU (Merom ), desktop hard drive... and Windows Vista Ultimate.

The price of the computer was reduced to 1899 Euro, though the price of Windows Vista OEM Edition must be in there somewhere.

Three years ago, I wrote that Macs will be sooner or later available with Windows in OEM package and received certain threats over newsgroups, but let's leave zealots in the past.

Now Apple computers with Microsoft OEM software has become a reality, and there are really no limits to what you can do with Apples now, given the fact that they're nothing else but a nicely designed PC.

PCs can't run Mac OS X, but Apple's PC can run Windows. And it will run Windows better and faster than it will run Mac OS X, which is really a sad point. µ


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