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Google slammed over plans for world domination

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Thu Dec 06 2007, 08:37

AN Austrian study claims that the 'do no evil' Google is creating dangerous monopolies that will turn it into a powerful force that will invade privacy and annex information flows.

Boffins Hermann Maurer, chairman of Graz University's Institute for Information Systems and Computer Media said that more than 61 billion internet searches were conducted a month with most of these on Google.

He said it was dangerous when a single leader takes control, particularly when it runs other services and colludes with those it should be its rivals. Deja vu anyone?

According to AP, Maurer claimed that by using data mining tools, Google's bots can know everything about individuals and companies and could not be stopped by the international community.

One day, Google could turn into a detective agency and turn over people's personal data for the wealth of its shareholders.

He claimed that Google was influencing whole economies by giving advertising space to the highest bidder.

With all that knowledge sitting around in its databases, Google could even play the stockmarket and give you a decent tip for the 5.30 at Doncaster.

Google could use its knowledge of what was happening in the world to play global stockmarkets to its advantage.

However a spokesGoogle said that Maurer's comments were based on inaccuracies, conspiracy theories and a lack of understanding of the ways of the search engine.

But Maurer did not stop at Google. He was alarmed at the way the outfit seems to have teamed up with the peddler of unreality Wackypedia.

Wackypedia entries were rated higher on Google than on other search engines meaning that students and hacks were more likely to turn to the online encyclopaedia.

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