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Dell draws attention to bad Intel things

Comment And a zombie reference
Fri Oct 21 2005, 08:52
WE WARNED YOU ABOUT Poxville, also known as 'Round Rock' a while ago, and we were going to let it go once the benches came out.

It is a truly miserable performer, getting thrashed by the Opteron in just about every test out there.

Normally I don't like kicking a dead horse, satisfying sound though it makes, but this time, Mikey Dell is asking for it. When you make unfounded PR trollings, you are asking for it, plain an simple.

Cartoon-kindly-supplied-by-hewlett-packard-in-the-days-it-used-to-talk-to-usSo Mr Dell, what does Paxville beat the Opteron at again? Price? Heat output? Advertising co-op funds? The running joke among the unwashed in hackdom is that this CPU was simply done so you could save face. Can you think of another 'major launch' where there were all of zero official review samples available? Can you think of another company that was stumbling around with their pants around their ankles in the two and four way space which is your bread and butter? OK, Gateway. I'll give you that one.

Either way, this chip is way too hot. According to the data sheet, the TDP is 135W with a max draw slightly above that. For it, you do get two quite fast cores on a bus that does the best Boston Strangler impression I have ever seen in silicon. The bus bandwidth, or lack thereof, simply guts any potential the cores have.

Now what gets me about this is, if you are going to be this dull, at least do it in a way that 12 mildly retarded monkeys won't be able to verify in the next week. Quote something like "In our internal Quantum Physics demo lab, it beat Opteron by 179 units/fortnight!!!", you know, something that no one can prove or disprove.

When you do a generalized "it r0x0rz d00d", and it doesn't, you do two things, neither of which are good. First, you make us point out that you are factually incorrect, and second, we have to bring the subject up all over again.

So, here is a clue for you, when you are behind, don't wave a flag around. If you have ever seen a zombie movie, you know things like that attract the hordes of things that will eat your flesh. Smart people keep their heads down and wait until they have the advantage or at least a somewhat level playing field. For you, that will be March, but you know that.

Until then, please keep the spin to a minimum. If you don't the zombies, or worse yet, the press, to notice it, then all the spinning in the world won't make a difference. Numbers don't lie, but sometimes PR does. µ


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