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"Show us the Code" campaign silenced

Open saucer nearly lost his job
Tue Jul 03 2007, 10:05
THE LONG ARM OF THE Vole silenced a popular "Show Us the Code" campaign started by a blogger.

Last February a bogger called DigDuality started a campaign in which he challenged Microsoft's shy and retiring, softly spoken Steve Ballmer to put up or shut up over his Linux IP violation claims.

His "Show Us the Code" campaign gave Steve until May to find any IP violations in Linux and post them. However May passed and there was no crowing from the "Show Us the Code" site. DigDuality has finally gotten around to posting saying that the reason he didn't update the bog was because his bosses had made him shut up.

Apparently he worked for a Fortune 500 company who was a Vole partner. Apparently the company detected a tiny amount of traffic going to the site from a work computer and worked out it was him.

DigDuality was dragged into his manager's office, falsely accused of having a political agenda for his Open Sauce campaign and told if he didn't stop posting then he would be fired. In the end DigDuality kept his mouth shut until after he could find another job. Unfortunately he didn't name and shame the outfit.

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