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HP's Alpha Marvel arrives on Tuesday

The marchitecture that dare not speak its name
Sun Jan 12 2003, 14:29
THE HP MARVEL products that dare not speak their name will be launched this coming Tuesday, the 14th according to reliable reports.

But it won't be until the 21st of January that HP will issue a press release confirming all that good stuff we've written before, friends of Eva Glass yell at the INQUIRER.

The first Marvel, the GS47, is likely to be a two way box and was codenamed the Raptor in ancient days. HP will start connecting waves of Marvels from two to eight way systems. But it likely won't be until the end of this year that we publicly see 64-way systems, helas.

Marvel has, apparently some rollickingly good benchmarks that HP wants to underplay, just in case people start comparing the performance of the Alpha Marvel architecture with the Itanium 2 it also sells, and perhaps more importantly, the SuperDome machines.

Marvel has a switched-fabric interconnect and Alpha EV78, apparently a wonder to behold. EV79 may arrive a bit later...

EV79 uses IBM's CMOS9 process technology, which is, shall we say, under development...

But HP cannot be blamed for not pushing Marvel using the almost extinct Alpha technology.

Superdome Windjammer will arrive some time this summer and Intel is promising fast Itanium processors.

If we wrote about Sun, which we rarely do these days, we might say 'Cor, what a scorcher... µ

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