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Italians clock a Netbust Pentium 4 to 8GHz

Overcockers cock a snook
Tue Jan 23 2007, 07:42
WHENEVER WE TALK to game developers, almost each and every time, someone will cry out for higher clocked single-core CPUs. However, AMD and Intel are prophesying that they screwed up on the higher clock components and that the real reality is dual and quad-core... or not.

Enthusiasts from the OC Team Italy took a Pentium 4 631 based on 65nm Cedar Mill core, placed it on an unmodified Asus P5B motherboard and overclocked it all the way to 7.41 GHz. However, this was not enough for these overcockers, and there was still more juice left in the CPU. So, Thu G from OC Team Italy did a full modification on the motherboard and cranked the core past the 7.79 GHz barrier and ended up with the absolute highest clocked score of all times - 8000.1 MHz, or eight billion one hundred thousand Hertz [Surely hurts. Ed..

Not a dream, Cedar Mill is working on 8GHz!

The score is validated, so there is no doubt that the guys from Italy, besides being known for making wonderful cars like Fiat can do a "bella maccina" on US manufactured x86 engines too. µ

CPU-Z Hall of Fame
PC Extreme Italia forums (in Italian, of course)


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