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Paedophiles get younger every day

Allroight, moi luvver?
Wed Apr 30 2008, 15:49

KIDS IN THE WEST of England are pretending to be paedophiles in order to settle playground scores.

The bizarre twist on 50-year-old fat blokes pretending to be young girls to befriend them came to light as Her Majesty's plod investigated nine cases in Padstow, Cornwall, where children were threatened by schoolmates posing as dirty old men.

Kids as young as 10 were posing as predatory paedophiles on Bebo and MSN to frighten schoolmates they had fallen out with.

The rozzers started investigating what they thought was just another case of a local nonce trying to groom children by befriending them online and arranging to meet up. But an anonymous tip-off revealed that kids were trying to settle playground rivalries by posing as perverts to frighten their victims.

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall police told the Manchester Grauniad:

"Information from the public has highlighted a possibility that the offenders could be children aged 10 and over, masquerading as a paedophile. The investigations are continuing and at this moment we are looking into every line of inquiry and are not ruling out any possibility. However, the language used on the social networking sites such as Bebo and MSN is at times childish. [No change there, then - Ed]

"It could be youngsters playing a sick game to try and intimidate friends they have fallen out with. This will be treated seriously and we will be contacting the families of the children involved and we will try and help them by involving social services."

While the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre expressed concern saying it thought the development was 'a very extreme and worrying course of action,' we cannot help but feel it actually shows that kids are a damned sight more streetwise than hand-wringing child protection pressure groups would have us believe.

The next thing you know, kids will be downloading pictures of bald old rock stars from the Internet, rather than the other way round.

The INQ says this filth must be stamped out to protect innocent dirty old men. µ

Manchester Grauniad


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